what’s in my makeup bag? 

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It’s November 1st! Ahh! Where did October fly? 2016 is swishing by so soon, don’t you think? I realised I was not as active as I was the previous year and one of the reason that knocked my socks out was falling in love and now I’m engaged, you guys (I’m sorry for mentioning this time and again. I’m the same person who talks with her left hand now, I’m that excited). That aside, it made me go over my blog posts and I realised I have not done a what’s in my makeup bag post yet. So…ta-da! Continue reading


New In│Biotique Skincare

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Biotique Day and Night cream review

Bio Coconut Whitening and Brightening cream

Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night cream

Hello my lovelies!

I agree that winter is magic but the trick it does on skin is tragic (this rhymed unintentionally). It’s such a hassle to find a good cream because I ended up bugging the sales girl and repeatedly passing by the same skin care aisles good ten times before putting these two in the shopping basket. I can be such a fuss, it’s actually embarrassing. That aside, let me tell you a bit more about these. Continue reading

Product Review│Maybelline White Superfresh Compact

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Maybelline New York white fresh review +swatch

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I was on a lookout for a new compact when Maybelline sent me their brand new White Superfresh compact with pure perute to try. So when I was not blogging not being lazy, I was trying this rascal. The product claims to stay 12 hours without needing touch-ups and absorbs sweats to give a fresh and clean face. So to start with, I am really enjoying using this.  It comes in three shades: Pearl, the shade that I have, which is the for light to medium skin Continue reading

Product Review│Lotus Ecostay™ Nourishing Foundation

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Hello my lovelies!

I was sent this in for a site review and I was really excited to try it. Lotus is an herbal beauty brand and I’ve read how the Ecostay™ range was such a hit, it wouldn’t be human if I had not tried. I have this in the colour royal ivory which is perfect for my skin at this time of the year but since the tanning is slowly washing away, I might need a lighter shade than this in winters. I love this for many reason, so let me just share a hefty love letter for it with you. Continue reading

Website Review│Planet Eves

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Website Review- planeteves.com

Hello my lovelies!

Planet Eves and I had been in talk to collaborate this whole summer but it didn’t quite happen until the week previous. When I first browsed through the website I noticed quite a few products that I was immediately hooked on. Planet Eves, nonetheless, is a new venture and something about new startups gets to me easily since I have been a ten months young blogger myself. The thing I love about working with new startups is that no one tries to dominate or pressurize anyone and working together is smooth sails. I know every blogger can relate, yes? Coming back… Continue reading