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01 June, ’16                                                                                                                                                      5:00

I wake with thoughts swirling to life. What was I even dreaming? I try to roll over and sleep but it’s difficult because I have an aching uterus that needs a release. Continue reading


Oh Yayy! #TWGOturns1

Welcome to That Weird Girl Official

TWGO turns 1

Hello my lovelies!

TWGO turned 1 on the 2nd of December and I cannot describe in words how incredibly big it feels for my blog to turn a year old. I think it calls for a celebration; someone get the champagne please! I feel too giddy and too stumped to know what to write in here but I want to thank over a thousand of you lovely people who have chosen to have my posts in their emails and dashboards, and have supported me with reading what I had to say. I have never even seen a thousand people together so it is indeed huge for me! Continue reading

New In│Biotique Skincare

 Welcome to That Weird Girl Official

Biotique Day and Night cream review

Bio Coconut Whitening and Brightening cream

Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night cream

Hello my lovelies!

I agree that winter is magic but the trick it does on skin is tragic (this rhymed unintentionally). It’s such a hassle to find a good cream because I ended up bugging the sales girl and repeatedly passing by the same skin care aisles good ten times before putting these two in the shopping basket. I can be such a fuss, it’s actually embarrassing. That aside, let me tell you a bit more about these. Continue reading