Digital Diary│Facebook, Flat Lays and Finding Him a Present

29 April, ’15                                                                                                                                        6:09


I wake up to the soft morning sun cracking past the drawn curtains. I am so tired I would sleep for another century, if I could. I groan, I stretch and then try to find my phone. I wake up to see his texts, e—mails, Facebook and downloads notifications. Did I tell you how hooked I am to Sucker for Pain from Suicide Squad? Continue reading


Flatlay│Ace on Instagram

 Welcome to That Weird Girl Official

flatlay  ace on Instagram

Hello my lovelies!

Instagram is an abode of flatlays; for those of you living in the dark, a flatlay is a bird eye view (to shoot from above) of the layout. Instagram has a huge community of photographers, bloggers and enthusiasts with loads of flatlays for you to get inspired from. I, by the way, am no expert when it comes to taking pictures but since I love taking them and you (somehow) like them, here’s a mini guide for you on how to create flatlays of your own. Continue reading