Digital Diary│Facebook, Flat Lays and Finding Him a Present

29 April, ’15                                                                                                                                        6:09


I wake up to the soft morning sun cracking past the drawn curtains. I am so tired I would sleep for another century, if I could. I groan, I stretch and then try to find my phone. I wake up to see his texts, e—mails, Facebook and downloads notifications. Did I tell you how hooked I am to Sucker for Pain from Suicide Squad? Continue reading

Skincare Update│Forest Essentials Facial Uptan Roop Nikhar Gulab

Welcome to That Weird Girl Official


Hi my lovelies!

Well lots of things happened since I have been MIA from the blog and one of them is being diagnosed with Ueterica, which is commonly known as hives, because of which my face was breaking into bumpy red allergy. And so alongside taking the pills twice a week I am asked to not eat like a pig. Yea huh. Any who! I am not lying when I say I haven’t tried a new beauty or skin care product in ages. I have been extra cautious, especially of what I am putting on my face (…and also what I eat) because hives is a bitch of a skin condition to have and having super sensitive skin that might blow red if someone just breathes on it, I have to be extra careful. Soooooo, I invested in Forest Essentials.
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Eye Series│Easy Eye Shadow Tutorial

Welcome to That Weird Girl Official

Easy Eye Shadow Tutorial

Hello my lovelies!

It’s been a lonnnggggg while since I did an Eye Series post and I missed it. As I was taking pictures for yesterday’s post, I decided to create this look using the Colorbar brushes. I’ve used all three brushes that you can read more about from my previous post.  I used a Drugstore palette (B&R 10 color palette which I don’t believe is available online) here that I really like for all the variety from the nudes to slightly darker shades. This is basically a tutorial to show how well the brushes worked and how I create a blended shadow look, so you can use any color from any palette and go make a rainbow if you may. Continue reading

Digital Diary│Friday

7:45 A.M.                                                                                                                                                            27th Feb, ’15
I don’t wake up, my sleep doused eyes just open. I check on my tablet involuntarily and see a few emails and messages on the notification bar. I switch on my phone and keep it back, then close my eyes again. Continue reading