Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

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hello-2017Hey you guys!

How’s it going? Where’s it going? Where did 2016 speed past? Did anyone even catch this year? Because I certainly did not. I want to talk so much through this post because for reasons best known to my lazy heart, I did not spend enough time on my blog this year and did not catch with fellow bloggers and you all. I literally have my thoughts poured in this so have a sit down.

Oh man, this year had an abundance of all the good things, good people and good food for me and this is my life update. The reason I do not know where this year scurried was because I lived every moment and I was the happiest in a long while. Amidst all the conversations and praises, I feel so valued. Even though I did not have a lot of goals to begin with, I feel everything has fallen into place and I got more than I had asked for.
The Good:
 For the starters, I can make round chapatis. Yayy for me! I can cook enough to survive and it makes me proud of myself.
I also started to exercise, which I didn’t really start till the end of November but we have this rolling into place here. I feel more energetic and fit. The abs will be here any time soon you guys.
that-weird-girls-instagram thatweirdgirlofficial-instagram
I took a lot of pictures this year which is quite a big deal for me as this really gives me inner peace. It’s like meditation, except it gives me a backache and crick in the neck by the time I’m done with it but it gives me a mental calm. So yea.
Shameless self promotion: you can check my feed on Instagram because all my work is there so if you have time, give me hearts there.
I found the man of my dreams and we got engaged this October. How crazy is that? Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that this would all happen so soon, so perfectly and so magically that I would be more than ready to settle down. Everyone who knows him, loves him. He’s an amazing content writer, funny and is the smartest human on earth. He also has a golden heart, nice arse and never gets mad at me even though I’m such a brat. What a good package. You go baby!
I got my hoarding itch (somewhat) in control. I am an impulsive buyer and I am so, so thankful that I have put my crazy splurging urges on the back burner and been more thoughtful about what I buy.
P.s. here’s a post I wrote for struggling shopaholics. Go check out if you fancy a read (but after you’re done with this, thanks)
The bad:
This is a short list (thank God!). I was so busy being happy and rolling with the good vibes, there weren’t a lot of bad things. Touch wood. But I did have my moments.
I can count the number of anxiety attacks on my fingers. However I did have them and they did knock me off my feet. I am an overly sensitive person and what triggers this off are arguments, loud noises and other people’s behaviour. Like I remember seeing this little girl crying uncontrollably on the street with a buff man holding onto her arms, it made me so uneasy and restless I teared up. I do have this under control now and I am thankful for that.
I’m moving to another city next year. And it bothers me a little. My fiance, who will then be my husband (eeeeppppp!!!) and I are moving to a bigger city and because I have always been a homebody and lived in this small town, the idea is a little daunting. But I have my shiz together and I am looking forward to all the adventures and memories we’ll make.
Somewhere in August, I lost my 100 rupee note. It was so depressing but I am over it. Time makes everything better.
…and that is about it.
I am so thankful for this year and all the things it brought. I’ve never lived my life so whole-heartedly. Ever. But I am even more excited for 2017. I just can’t wait.
How did this year treat you? Share your good memories with me 🙂
Also, Happy New Year!
Lots and lots of love,
that weird girl official

5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

  1. Haha. I can’t stop laughing that cooking round chapatis was on the list. I can actually resonate with that because that was me two years ago. By the way, congrats on finding your perfect man. All the best.


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