Holiday Gift Guide for Him

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Hello my lovelies!

Am I the only one who thinks that it’s really difficult to shop for men? Because it is so difficult to shop men! Girls (or girls like me) would randomly throw hints of what they want like, “Sigh! I wish I had a new pair of boots” or “Sigh! I wish I had a new coat” or…whatever it is that we really want the man to buy for us, but with men, they never say! I keep on asking my father what he wants and he’ll just snort and say, “I want you to graduate” and I’ll ask my fiance (he he) what he wants and he just says, “I have you, I don’t want anything else” and I’ll just ask my brother, oh well, he’s pretty demanding. But anyhow, the fact remains that it is difficult to shop for guys. I got these gifts for the guys and I am pretty excited to gift it to them. Furthermore, they are not too much on the pocket…because of course, it’s the sale time and we are all broke. Here are a list of items that you can gift the man in your life (your father, brother, friend, boyfriend…friendzoned friend). So…let’s start!

Ear plugs



These are a great gift and there are plenty out there that you will find on a discounted price *cough* Christmas sale *cough*. I got these for my brother and he loves it to pieces. I’m sure anyone you gift these to, regardless of the gender, will you love you instantly.

Beard Oil and Face Wash


I got this for my fiance and he was flattered. Flattered is a very small word though. He was knocked back, tongue tied and couldn’t keep chanting he loves me. I mean this one makes sense for guys with beards.

Resonating Cup


This is for people who meditate or is inclined spiritually. This resonating cup is a tibetan souvenir that is used for mediation.  I personally love the thought behind this and I feel it is so apt this gifting season.

Eye Mask


I got my fiance and myself similar eye mask and they are just perfect. They come with cooling gel pads inside with refresh eyes. Love!

Pen Set


I love this assortment. Again, I got this for my brother and this is such a helpful prezzie for students. There are tons of gift sets in the market right now that you can choose from.



If you can’t come up with anything at all, this will save your arse. You can never go wrong with sweets. Never. And if the person you are gifting this to isn’t too fond of it, too bad. JK. You can make a mug filled with whatever they like, i.e., coffee, tea bags, or whatever it is they might appreciate.

These are the gifts that I got and I hope this was of any use to you. If there is anything else that you think would make a great gift, then let me know so I can expand my list.




2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for Him

  1. Nice post! I think is always for all of us (I guess) to find presents for boys, I mean there are not so many gifts for them right? so this is a nice compilation! I also write about some few recommendations for le boyfriend on this post of my blog [] it was for valentines but may could apply also for christmas :).


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