Product Review│Maybelline New York’s Lash Sensational Mascara

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Hello my lovelies!

The wedding date being so close I have turned myself into a lab rat and am experimenting new products that are on the block. My new love is the Maybelline New York’s Lash Sensational mascara. There is absolutely nothing that I find even mildly irritating about this (no pun intended), and that is saying something because I am actually a finick when it comes to makeup.

I love, love and love the wand applicator of the Lash Sensational mascara. The bristles are short and lift the lashes from the base all the way to the tip perfectly without poking the eye. I recommended this to someone who had never used a mascara on her own and she worships this so much now, it makes me emotional. Its body is the typical Maybelline mascara body that is very handy and travel friendly.

It gives a fan effect to the lashes making them curl at their fullest with a strong hold that lasts all day and more (ask me, I slept in it). Sort of like spider lashes, but the kind of lashes you can wear to work. Also, it’s waterproof. Talk about a blessing! It literally does not budge, smudge or transfer until you are tackling it down with a remover. I am crushing on this so much that it would crush my palm-sized heart if Maybelline ever stopped manufacturing this. I might also protest that on streets.


Price: 500 INR


Gives a fan effect

Separates lash hair

Ideal for people with short lashes

Sturdy wand





Hardens lashes (please don’t sleep in it like I did because of the fool I am)


All in all, this is wonderful mascara that separates lashes like a pro and gives the eyes a fake-eyelash effect. I am so sold on this that I have already ordered a second one even though I am not even halfway through my first (they sell out pretty quickly and it has a heavy discount online *guilty face*).

Have you tried the Maybelline New York’s Lash Sensational mascara? Are you with me in that hypothetical street protest?

Be back soon!



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