what’s in my makeup bag? 

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Hi there my lovelies!

It’s November 1st! Ahh! Where did October fly? 2016 is swishing by so soon, don’t you think? I realised I was not as active as I was the previous year and one of the reason that knocked my socks out was falling in love and now I’m engaged, you guys (I’m sorry for mentioning this time and again. I’m the same person who talks with her left hand now, I’m that excited). That aside, it made me go over my blog posts and I realised I have not done a what’s in my makeup bag post yet. So…ta-da!whats-in-my-makeup-bag


L’Oreal Infallible foundation in Natural Rose

L’Oreal Color Riche liner in brown

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara

Faces Magneteyes Kajal

Colorbar Perfect Match primer

Colorbar Radiant Glow Highlighter Pen

Rimmel Kate Moss 107

Maybelline Colorshow Creamy Matte lipstick Lively Violet (M401)

I got this makeup bag from the holiday in Daman and Diu last year, and it is perfect to put in the makeup I need on a day to day basis. Dehradun still doesn’t stock high end products when it comes to makeup so most of the makeup I own is the high street makeup that’s easily available and does the trick. My mum-in-law got me everything from L’Oreal and Colorbar and having rarely used these brands, I am currently swooning over their products. This L’Oreal foundation has easily become my bestie, putting my Maybelline fit me at the back of the drawer. I’m going to write a whole post singing its praises, so okay. Then the eye pencil and mascara: the best. combination. ever. I feel it would look great on green and brown eyes.

I have started priming my face now and this Colorbar primer feel incredible. It evens the face without it feeling sticky or greasy, and makes the foundation last longer. The highlighting pen reminds me of the YSL highlighter because of the of pen body. It’s the perfect highlighter if you desire a soft glow without your face looking too shimmery. *Love*. I generally don’t line my waterline but whenever I do, I am using Faces magneteyes kajal which is nice and black, and does not smudge.

Lipstick wise: I am currently overdosing on Rimmel Kate Moss 107 and Maybelline’s Lively Violet which are both mattes. These are such great fall shades, I don’t even leave my house without them. 107 is more like deep red and Lively Violet is the Kylie Jenner sorta’ purple (ignore my horrible way of explaining colours). Plus, these look well on the every skin tone.

And this is it. This is all I have in my bag. Should I be adding anything else? What do you have in your makeup bag? The nosey person I am, I love to read what you have in yours.

Be back soon!



6 thoughts on “what’s in my makeup bag? 

  1. I’m not much of a makeup person but love to read about it. So, I’m enjoying your blog. The few makeup items I don’t do without includes, lip gloss, lipstick, eye pencil (preferably brown), and concealer for the brows(optional).


  2. my bag includes money of course hehe, a lip balm and mobile. I am not much of a makeup person but i enjoy reading about it as I like to try it on myself occassionally… 🙂 ❤


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