GUYS, I’M ENGAGED! I am currently rocked by a whirlpool of emotions as I type this. I am engaged. It’s just so unbelievable, somebody pinch my cheek! Every now and then, I mentioned bae in my posts and now it’s going to be fiancé. Can you believe it? This level up feels incredibly amazing, I haven’t shut up about it. Apparently, ‘fiancé’ is my current favorite word. Yes, you wouldn’t want to bump into me in a store right now.

We got engaged on the 10th of this month at his grandparents home and it was everything straight out of a fairytale and more. We had been counting on this date ever since we decided to get married and when the moment finally came it was surreal. If I’m being honest, I have looked down sixty-eight times at my engagement ring and sighed dreamily. Well, sixty-nine times now. It can’t be helped, I’m just so smitten. At this moment, I could just nestle in his arms and go through the pictures all over again. For the twentieth time.

I’m engaged, you guys, I still feel the need to say it every now and then. If it were up to me I would have a picture of ours put over on Billboards. I know I should be smacked on the head with an elastic but I’m in daze.




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