Digital Diary│Facebook, Flat Lays and Finding Him a Present

29 April, ’15                                                                                                                                        6:09


I wake up to the soft morning sun cracking past the drawn curtains. I am so tired I would sleep for another century, if I could. I groan, I stretch and then try to find my phone. I wake up to see his texts, e—mails, Facebook and downloads notifications. Did I tell you how hooked I am to Sucker for Pain from Suicide Squad?


I am trying to wing my liner but some days are just not my days. I put my eyeliner down, braid my hair from both the sides and clutch them up, then spritz some rose-water on my face. My new obsession is using anything that has rose, it’s essence or its fragrance. Patting my face, I give the liner another go. But it’s really not my day. I line the lid and put on two coats of mascara. This will do today.


You know being a teacher is demanding. Especially if you are a preschool teacher. So here I am in the classroom with one child who wants to hear rhymes on smartboard, one child who wants to go out and the rest sitting with me with play dough. Oh yay, I need to convince two 2 year olds. What fun!


I’ll tell you what- I have a crick in my neck, my back hurts and I feel I haven’t eaten in a week. So as soon as I reach my room and set down my purse, I flop face first on the bed. Joy!

For the next two minutes I go through my Facebook notifications and it’s surprising and pleasant to see bae’s family sending me request. His side of the family is overly sweet and just so nice, which makes me feel my side is more or less primitive cave men. I mean, what do I say!


I am back with the Flat Lay fever. I swear Flat Lay makes me feel so organised and clear, it’s life changing. Half my time on Instagram is spent checking and stalking people with a neat and minimalistic feed. It’s just so addictive and satisfying.

Note: Shameless Self Promotion

You can find me on Instagram at @thatweirdgirlofficial. You can have a peek at my profile and give it some love.


I try to come up with a blog post but I feel stuck. I go through the drafts and flat lays I keep for those days I feel lazy but they feel so trashy. I should just sleep.


I am driving to the gift store trying to find a present for him (it’s his birthday at the end of the month but I feel I have to get something before hand. Wayyyy before). Being too organised can also be frustrating.

wrapped chocolates

Gift store is even more confusing; there are greeting cards, watches, perfumes, wallets…so much stuff. What does he even like! At this moment, it feels like I should just give up and wrap lots of food but that’s not rational. So I buy chocolates and decorate it with pretty gift wrap and nice stickers. I ace at gifting.


Is it natural to feel this tired?

I put on my playlist but just skip to Sucker for Pain. I feel I have to listen to this song a good hundred times before I download something new. Which other songs are there anyway? I switch on my laptop and open a blank page and start typing.



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