DIY│Homemade Wood Table Coasters

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Hello my lovelies!

I am now officially a Pinterest addict (you can find me here) and my vacations are being spent pinning things on my boards. Recently I came across these fun and easy wooden table coasters made with ice cream sticks and oh me oh my, it was too cute to not try! Within ten minutes of seeing this, I drove my way to the stationary store and got myself some ice cream sticks and glue, and got my craft swag on. Oh yeah!


Make a square with the ice cream sticks and glue the ends together. Make sure your sticks are glued properly before you move onto the next step.


Now take the ice cream sticks and glue them side ways. Let them dry.



And that’s all, your table coasters are ready. Whoo Hoo! Wasn’t this too easy? In my excitement I made four (and might make more). You can also decorate your coasters with washi tape. Bae picked up a roll of 5 washi tapes for me and I finally put them to use, aha! You can paint it in copper colour or anything you wish to do. Basically, just have fun.

Hope you liked these wooden table coasters enough to make some. Would you?

Be back soon!




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