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Hello my lovelies!

I’d say I had my writing game on when I was 5 and I had to write five sentences on my family or my favorite cartoon. The amount of enthusiasm with which I wrote those lines was unfathomable and by 10, I legit wanted to be a writer. Writing is a great way to channelize your thoughts and emotions. Since That Weird Girl Official has picked up a momentum, a lot of you curious souls left me questions concerning writing + blogging. Now now, I am by no means an expert and neither have I taken any professional writing course so whatever I write is whatever my mind throws at me, and whatever I feel apt for you all to read.

Blogging is such a fun and engaging way to share your piece of mind with the readers. But the question is: how to blog? How does some even start doing it? For a popular medium, it can be a little confusing. However worry not, I have a few pointers for you bebes;

Read: I think I wrote it before somewhere and I’ll say it again, you have to read in order to write. My grandfather was a writer too and he would say that if you read one author, you know as much as him/her; if you read a hundred authors, you know more than those hundred combined. It simply means that when you read different people, you develop your own style. The more you read, the more knowledge you have and the more your writing skills would polish.

WRITE: A lot of people have different writing processes and yours is going to be equally different and unique. For example, I talk to myself before I even write and when I finally do write, I read it loud in different accents (it’s fun and engaging, #dontjudge). I make fun of myself, use thesaurus and just get it done. I guess this is what it comes down to. Just write. No matter how crappy or horrible it looks, no matter if it’s not as top-notch as you want it to be: just frickin’ write. Get a paper or pen, or grab your laptop and start writing. You will not reach anywhere with just an idea, you have to write it down.

Talk through your words: Blogging has to be engaging; there is no point for it to be hoity-toity and boring. The reason bloggers have the celebrity status now is because people can connect with them as they are more causal and approachable. Your favorite blogger would always write as if s/he is talking directly to you and would make their write-ups fun to read. You are online but you have to sound like a real person, so blogging is best when you add a personal touch and when your personality reflects in your words.

Plan your posts: I would recommend you to keep a little diary where you can write all your ideas of what you want to write about because writer’s block is a total pain in the arse. Planning your posts ahead also gives me a mental peace that you are sorted and have posts to run your blog.

If you are a lifestyle blogger and need ideas, you can read my 50 blog post ideas

Make it simple: We get it, posts which have big words that are difficult to pronounce seem way more intellectual and thought after. But there is nothing more boring than having a dictionary while reading, you have to agree with me on this. I personally love blogs that are written in a simple language, as though they are talking to a friend rather than a politician.

When you blog, you are not being read in just one specific area but you are world wide. So if someone from Ecuador (I am obsessed with it, someone take me there!) or Greece is reading you, they sure in hell don’t have English as their first language and have no clue what you are trying to say with those big fancy words. Another reason why famous bloggers have international fans is because they are keeping their posts simple and not writing alien.

Revise: When you have your post ready with you, have a read before publishing (I myself need to do this). Most of the times you are so excited to post something that you don’t realise that your article has a typo or two (story of my life). Always revise before hitting the publish button.


So yep, this is it! I hope that this answered any blogging query that you have. If you think there’s anything I’ve missed, let me know in the comment box below.

Happy weekend, ya’ll!




20 thoughts on “How to Blog?

  1. It’s quite important to read in order to write. But this is mostly ignored. Blogging means networking, one must read other’s articles!

    Great post! xo

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  2. Love this post. Your advice has inspired me. I started my blog almost a year ago and I have had issues with catching readers eyes. I was starting to get discouraged. I just don’t know where to focus and since I’m ADHD I seriously want to write about everything and anything. Any tips on focusing?


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