5 Ways to Blog Better

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5 ways to blog better

Hello my lovelies!

Blogging started as my hobby that has now turned into a habit and I really love and enjoy it. I know when you’re in love with something, you’re supposed to do it selflessly, wholeheartedly, unconditionally, doing the thing without caring much of what people say or think…fa-la la la la…I don’t know about you but I have had days when I would set my WordPress statistics on refresh and say, “only 10 views from Ecuador! I swear nobody loves me.” Very dramatic there, I know. What I think is, though, when you dedicate your time and are really putting yourself into the work you are doing, you have a right to expect something back. I am going to go all Guru in this post and share all that I have learned about blogging.

Social Media Link-Ups: You have set up your blog and wrote an amazing post that is no less than something that Harper Bazaar publishes, but you have no one reading. Look, it’s about getting the word out and letting people know you have posted something. Social Media is a great way to share your content with your viewers. They can follow/subscribe you so that they will know every time you update your blog. Bloglovin‘ is an easy way for your readers to follow your blog, but it is better to join other platforms so that you are reaching out to more people.

I guess the one thing that you have to make sure to have an effective social media account, is to manage it well. Most people share irrelevant things, post once in a year or do not interact with their readers. Not that you have to answer everyone, but answering a query would always earn you a brownie point. Most of the new readers that I gain come to me from Instagram, Google+ or Twitter. Joining social media would help you grow as a blogger as you yourself would learn and inspire from the feed of other bloggers out there.

Google is your well-wisher: You know that thing, when you have typed something and someone’s blog opens, or when you click an image and then someone’s blog opens? You might not know this, but the majority of the traffic comes directly from Google results. This could be someone who clicked on a photo in the image result to a few words that would match the person’s Google’d query. Google is actually the one that will get you the most viewers, provided you have an optimised SEO (search engine optimisation). Until you have restricted content, I’d suggest you keep your blog public rather than private. When you write your post, try to put as many tags as you can as that will enhance your chance of being found more. Try to add relevant pictures to your blog; the original, the better!

Interact with other bloggers: This is one way of learning things, from writing style to what is trending, other blogs would help you greatly. Interact with your fellow bloggers, leave a genuine comment on their content and appreciate them if you liked what they wrote, welcome them to your blog by leaving your link in the bottom of your comment (no no, don’t go spamming loves). It is quite possible that their readers would notice your presence and would come to check out your site. I did not know this until I discovered in my stats that viewers were visiting me from other bloggers’ posts.

Ask questions: When you visit someone’s blog and they have asked a question at the end, you are most likely to reply to it even if you weren’t initially knowing what to comment. Asking questions in the end is a great way to talk to your reader. It becomes more fun to read blogs that read more as if the person is directly talking to you and asking you questions, rather than being a boring grammar teacher (no offence).

Reply to the comments: As much as it is important to interact with fellow bloggers, it is also important to interact with your audience too. When someone leaves you a comment or has a question regarding your content, try to reply to them. It is a nice gesture and builds a good relationship between you and your reader, and your reader is most likely to come back when they feel welcomed.


This was my take on better blogging, or I should say type down my observation for the world to read. I tried to act like a really know a lot of stuff in this post, but hey, I’m by no means an expert. I’ve noticed it’s a trial and error method. Things that work for me, might not for you so you have to keep trying and find your own unique method.

Was this helpful? Is there anything that you feel is better for you and your stats feed?




24 thoughts on “5 Ways to Blog Better

      • YES! I share my posts on everything! My blog is linked to a personalised Facebook Page and then I share my posts on my own Facebook wall. It’s linked to Twitter, Bloglovin, LinkedIn, whereby my posts get shared automatically when I hit publish. I also post a picture on Instagram from my blog posts (and on Instagram I use as many hashtags # I can).
        I don’t know how successful it has been but I keep doing it and it does seem to have increased page views…

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  1. You really are a positive energy bomb! Blogging takes a lot of time and effort and if you are really into this it could be a full time job. Social media was not my kind of thing but I started to realize that they are a significant asset in blogging. Check out my Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/bohemienartist/?ref=bookmarks what do you think about it? any tips on that? I have a feeling that FB needs daily posts to keep interest, what would u think?


    • Hiya! Social media is essential in order for people to know you. There are so many peeps out there who wouldn’t particularly read a blog but would be directed from your Facebook or other account. Facebook needs consistent post, and yes, it’s a fairly tricky platform. I enjoy working more on Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest, they work the best for me x

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      • yes I have this feeling that there is too much of information in fb and you could easily be lost in the crowd. On the other hand it’s the most popular social media. I just started using Instagram as well (hahaha up until six months ago I thought I never would). I have NO idea about Google+ but I’m doing OK with Pinterest. With my blog being only 5 months old I’d like to believe that I’m on the right track even if I’m moving slowly :p I can’s wait to see some more posts with blogging tips! Keep up the good job ❤


  2. Awesome post! Thank you so much for these tips! Thank you for checking out my blog btw! I saw that you liked my post on my entryway table! Really appreciate that!! 🙂 New follower here!!


  3. I might suggest that if you know, (or can find out), the name of the person who has taken the time to write a comment, try to use their name (in reply). I love that personal touch and I’m sure there are many other bloggers who feel welcome to your blog world by doing so.

    You can always abbreviate their site name if you can’t trace their first (or Christian) name through their blog or an About page.

    I found it took up too much time to reply to every comment in my early days of blogging, so every now and then I would just press the ‘like’ button in reply to the commenter (to let them know I had read their comment).

    Now I have several hundred followers from all over the world and every walk of life, although admittedly, only a few ‘regulars’ comment now.
    After 7 years of blogging, we all run out of things to say………eventually 🙂


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