DIY│Easy-Peasy Doughnuts   

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tumblr doughnuts

Hello my lovelies!

If you were misguided by the title of my post, awesome, I finally could mislead someone. Ha! Also…sorry! I don’t know how to bake so my only chance to fame is to actually glue stuff together, so what you will learn ahead is craft and not cooking. I also think they look Tumblr. Maybe?

Origin Story Time: All my life I have been addicted to something or the other, from fairy tales to pizza (still am), to Instagram. My sole mission in life is to take pictures and put up on Instagram and be happy. I’m always looking for props around until today when I sat down and I thought of making doughnuts because I felt they would compliment my pictures well. Oh the things I do for pictures!

DIY easy doughnut craft

For this you will require: brown paper (I’m cheap so I used a brown shopping bag heh), a pair of scissors, glue, coloured paper for icing, and compass for making circles (P.s I have no idea why I have the ruler in this picture, it’s not necessary)

easy doughnut tumblr

Cut out a circle for your doughnut. The brown paper would be the base; cut a hole in the middle. You needn’t be precise because it would be covered. The icing could be of any colour you fancy, I chose white here. Again, cut out the hole in the center. And again, this does not have to be precise because real doughnuts are like real people, they aren’t picture perfect.

sprinkle on doughnut

I used the colour pens to make the confetti, using pink and yellow. You can experiment with whatever colour pens or stamps you wish. After all, the main aim of this is to have fun…or not be bored. And viola! It’s done and it is more simple than baking a doughnut.

Doughnut clip DIY

This picture is to flaunt how I cut a mini doughnut and used it as a paper clip (which I pinned with a bobby pin) so you can appreciate my genius. Also, by the time I finished writing I felt it was pretty pointless on why someone would make so many doughnuts *scratches back of the head guiltily*

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this super simple DIY. If you love doughnuts, you should try at least one and I’m pretty sure you’d love it. I actually made eight of these ’cause I couldn’t stop appreciating what I had made and also I was bored out of my mind, aha!

Be back soon!




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