Nail Art│Easy Floral Nails

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Hello my lovelies!

I miss doing nail art and I was delaying on it saying I just don’t have enough time, until I finally sat down with my nail paints and started doing my nails. Ah, it’s been forever! I wanted to try floral nail art because it is very summer-ish, very girly and just something you might take to Coachella *wink*. And this turned out pretty decent considering I did it for the first time, so here’s it as a Monday mani. It’s super easy and quick, and actually quite fun to do. I have used my Nykaa nail paints for this tutorial.


Start by putting on a base coat for your flowers. I went with white but you can choose pink, beige or even a clear coat. They all would suit floral nails pretty well.

(I use Marshmellow Dream)easy_floral_nail_art_for_beginners_[1]

Using a toothpick, dab circles on your nails. Now the trick with this is putting a circle and poking it multiple times with the toothpick so that it gives an impression of a flower, sort of like petals. You needn’t be neat with this, the messier the prettier. Again, your flowers can be any colour or even multi-coloured if you like.

(I use Cream Burlee)


Take white nail paint and tab a tiny dot in the center of your flower.

(I use Marshmellow Dream)


And then add hint of green at the edges so it looks like leaves.

(I use Hasta La Pista)


Add a top coat and you are ready to flaunt your floral nails. I actually like the simplicity of this nail art so much; it only just took me ten minutes to do it, no kidding.

How does these turn out? Would you be trying it?

Fullscreen capture 1022015 92740 AM.bmp



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