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kiehl's ultra facial cream limited edition

Hello my lovelies!

I mentioned my fondness for this moisturizer in March Favorites. This is one of those investments that leave your skin feel very soft and supple. I used this all through the previous month and I am finally fit to review it for anyone of you who had been wondering how it works.

kiehl's ultra facial creamkiehl's ultra facial cream review

I bought the 50ml version, which I feel everyone should rather than directly opting for a bigger package. Like I’ve said before, if you are testing new products it is always wise to buy a smaller box, see how it works and then hop on with a bigger one. The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream comes in a tub container with a screw lid, which let me be frank, I absolutely detest. Reason Uno is that it is not hygienic at all and also, it makes it difficult to carry places. I remember I had this with me in the hotel and just as I opened the lid I saw my eyelash fallen in, and it would’ve been fine but for some reason it just made me not want to use it for a while. I guess the packaging is my only gripe because the product is amazing.

kiehl's ultra facial cream swatches

When you are investing this much money, it is more about how the product works than how it is packaged (though it wouldn’t hurt if it were in a tube or something #justsaying). The moisturizer is really lightweight and is thin in consistency which makes it very easy to absorb in the skin. Now, winter left my skin in patches and this has cured that problem of mine. My skin is softer, plumper and better than what it was before this cream. It feels like my skin is drinking up on miniaturization every time I apply it. I have sensitive skin but this did not hurt my skin in a bit, in fact it is so good I could put it in a locker so that nobody touches it.

It works as a great base under the makeup and applying foundation feels like a dream. It gives me a dewy base and I just love it so. However, the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream being a hydrator, it is best suited for dry to combination to just slightly oily skin. If you have very oily skin, I’d warn you to steer clear. Since I am on the oily side of the line myself, I only used this at night and under my makeup during the winter season. Now that it is summer, I cannot even dream of it for how oily my t-zone would be left.


Price: 2100 INR for 50g



Makes skin soft and plump

Best for dry to combination skin

Works for sensitive skin well

Light weight

Sinks in skin easily

Good make-up base

Ideal for winters


Not for oily skin




This is a great moisturizer and I’d recommend it to anyone who has a struggling dry skin. But summer has put my skin in a different need altogether. Is their any summer-ish cream that you recommend? I’d love to know *counts money in the wallet*

Be back soon!




5 thoughts on “Product Review│Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

    • Hi there! I’ve linked the product in the post 😊 I got mine from Nykaa but it’s currently out of stock. Bummer! But I think you will be able to order this from the Kiehl’s India website x


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