Monday Motivation│Que Sera Sera

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Que Sera Sera

Heya my lovelies!

It feels like ages between last writing a post and life happening. I’ve been so jammed with everything happening so fast, I guiltily put my blog on the back burner. So in midst of feeling overburdened, I went from preparing for a cousin’s wedding, to studying in bits for finals, to practicing with children at school for the Vanity Fair…to falling in love with this amazing man I get to be with and call mine. Yep, I’ve definitely been caught up.

However, the last week has been so gentle with me and given me a much needed break; I couldn’t hold back this post any longer. Being at this point, I do feel that everything that is happening is all too sudden as though I’m thrown in with this high-speed life that is taking more than ‘sleeping on it’ and being ‘crystal clear in the morning’ to get used to. I do complain, I even sit down and whine for an hour (yes, I check on time) and then sigh all too dramatically. I do all these things that make me feel distant, as though I can run away from it, because this sudden whirlpool of emotions and situations is a little tricky to handle. And yet the more I try to be on the other side, the more I want to distance myself, the more I get caught head first and a little bit out of breath.

But Que Sera Sera. Whatever will be, will be. Love, crazy cousins with crazy advice and lunch with mum has been fixing me bit by bit. It’s finally calming my nerves and I can logically see this. I think I’m finally in a frame of mind where I can accept this, accept what’s happening and go with it. I know I’ve said this before in a #MondayMotivation post but reinforcement is what I need too. And to anyone who is going through a crazy period of crazy situations, Que Sera Sera. Because it will be like it is suppose to be, but you will be alright. You will make through. You’ve got this. Life already has a plan for you. So if there is any advice that I can truly give, I’d say take a breath and skip a thought. Give yourself some room, you are entitled to a break no matter what. Don’t burden yourself, don’t confuse yourself and don’t reject anything that might make you happy. And as for the rest, Que Sera Sera. Let life take care of you.

I’d love to read what you guys do when you are muddled up or when you feel life is rushing you. We all handle things differently and maybe someone can benefit with something that you do, so don’t hesitate in sharing your trick. And let’s be real, I can definitely use some pointers right now as well, aha!

Fullscreen capture 1022015 92740 AM.bmp


p.s. you might want to give a listen to this song called Que Sera Sera by Doris Day if you haven’t already.

p.p.s this is for my man who would (hopefully) be reading this. What would I do without you?

p.p.p.s Who knew I could be so mushy. My thirteen year old self would be gagging reading the last line.


6 thoughts on “Monday Motivation│Que Sera Sera

  1. does starting your life over validate as a crazy period? hahahaha I agree! que sera sera but when in need of inspiration I clear my mind with a long walk. Now I’m lucky enough to live in a place (for the moment) where I can take a long walk by the sea listening only to the sound of nature. To all those who are not as lucky I recommend you listen some classical music while taking your walk. 😉

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  2. I absolutely love this song!! It’s one of my all time favorites!! Is the art yours? I want to share it on IG and make sure I credit the owner!

    Love the posts!,
    Rory XO


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