DIY│Decorative Gift Bag

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Decorative Gift Bags

Hello my lovelies!

I am YouTube obsessed (again) and am being overly creative. It’s like my inner unicorn has awoken and my rainbow spirit that had been dormant for a lonnnngggggggggggggg while is now alit. Basically, I am just trying loads of tutorials first hand and liking it. Now, I am so so when it comes to craft but since this turned out much presentable than my last experiment, heh, so here it is;

For this you’ll need:

Colorful Sheets



Fevicol (or glue or whatever you call it)


Gift bags how to

Mark 8 cms from both the sides. You don’t have to be way too precise, just enough that these two overlap a little so you can glue it together.

DIY gift bag

Like this. Then stick the flaps together.

step by step gift bag tutorial

Tutorial gift bag

Next is to stick the bottom. This again has to be in a way that one overlaps the other.

Am I explaining myself well? Basically you have to make an envelope.

gift bag tutorialGift Bag DIY

Then fan-fold. (I love fan-folding) You can do as much as you wish (and as much your paper allows). Then, the last step it to tie a ribbon around it. You can do it however you wish, I did it in a traditional gift packing style, aha!


And ta-da! It’s ready. Stuff whatever you wish inside and you’re good to go. If you like this enough, which you might out of pity cause I really worked at it, then let me know and maybe I can channelize my creativity even further and put more DIYs.

Be back soon!




10 thoughts on “DIY│Decorative Gift Bag

  1. Greetings Apoorva!

    Loved this post! So adorable! I’m ever and always YouTube obsessed, which reminds me to mention that I need to return to your channel and talk back! You know, us YouTubers LOVE for people to chat with us under the windows we sit in! 🙂

    Affirming that you are well! Blessings to you and the family!



  2. This is so cute! I’m getting married in August and this would be such a cute thank you gift idea for the guest!


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