Things I’m loving│Vol. 13

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Hello my lovelies!

I really love the beginning of the month blog posts because there is so much that people share and recommend, I just cannot get over it! March’s here and I have so much to share (ooh this rhymed…unintentionally) I have tried a lot many products last month and these are a few that I really liked enough to put up as a recommendation, and so to start off;

adult_colouring_book[1] adult_colouring_book_the_magic_city[1]

The Magical City Adult Colouring Book and Sakura Gelly Roll Pens

I have always loved colouring and doodling. So this time I bought The Magical City colouring book rather than a novel. The adult colouring books are such a rage now, you have to try it. I’ve been reaching out for this so often because this has such intricate designs that not only it keeps me busy, it also relaxes me and quenches my colouring lust.This colouring book is my everything!

I paired my order with Sakura pens which have a watercolor like texture. Of course these don’t compare with Prisma colours but these are well good for a pastime activity. Plus, I feel they are more apt than crayons, sketch pens or pencil colours. These Sakura pens give a much neat finish, you’ll like them.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream and Cleanser

This is the combo that I have been using recently and loving. Like I have mentioned before, my eyes don’t have any problem (thank god!) so I don’t need any dark circle remover or anything; however, my eyes does tend to get dry and I fear it may result in premature wrinkles. Ugh nothing horrid than having crow’s feet in your 20s! I love the Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream because it relieves my eyes of dryness and helps brightening it too. You can read the full review here.

I feel I should do a full review of the cleanser as well because it is worth talking a lot, aha! It’s really mild on the sensitive skin and can be used both day and night. It makes the skin so soft and makes it feel glowy. The only downside is that it has a bit doctor’s smell (like a little medicinal waft) but that fades just as soon as you rinse your face.

ultra_facial_cream_moisturiser_[1] kiehl's_ultra_facial_cream[1]

Kiehl’s Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream

This is an amazing cream and is limited edition on Nykaa. It’s profit will benefit Teach for India, so it’s a good cause too in addition to being a good moisturizer for your skin. It makes the skin uber soft and replenished. It’s also very lightweight so it can be easily worn under makeup. However, I feel people with overly oily skin should avoid this. People who have combination to dry skin have a thumbs up from me!

Daya- Hide Away

This song is beautiful, so catchy and such a before-to-bed track, I am obsessed! Also, her voice really gets to me.

My favorite lines are:

Where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?
I’m a good, good girl who needs a little company
Looking high and low, someone let me know
Where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?


Hmm so this was all that I was upto last month. Did any of it fancy you? What have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comment section below.

Ciao ♡




8 thoughts on “Things I’m loving│Vol. 13

  1. I agree. Adult coloring books are SO wonderful! My pens aren’t nearly as fancy as yours are. Still, I received a Sweary coloring book for Christmas and it has brought me full hours of delight.


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