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Hello my lovelies!

Instagram is an abode of flatlays; for those of you living in the dark, a flatlay is a bird eye view (to shoot from above) of the layout. Instagram has a huge community of photographers, bloggers and enthusiasts with loads of flatlays for you to get inspired from. I, by the way, am no expert when it comes to taking pictures but since I love taking them and you (somehow) like them, here’s a mini guide for you on how to create flatlays of your own.

Natural Light

food flatlay

I feel this is the numero Uno factor that you have to consider. If you have those fancy-shamnzy soft boxes with artificial lights, oh wah, good for you! If you don’t, well, then natural light is what you need. I feel the best time to take such a photo is during the morning or day time by the window. I usually take my photos by the window but I try to avoid the mid-day light, when the sun is at its peak, because it often leaves behind shadows. It is also awfully difficult to take pictures at night because of the same reason. You can experiment at the nook and corner of your house to see where the light comes best in from and get started.


photography flatlay

Once you have the light, you need a background. The boring ol’ me loves the classic white background but you can have whatever you wish. You could use your table top, marble tile, rugs, colourful chart-paper, anything really. Mine’s a white reflector sheet that does the deed. The main aim is that the eyes land directly on the objects you want focus on without being distracted by the background.


fashion flatlay

This is what makes a flatlay, well, flatlay! It has to be neat, it has to be organized and it has to be simple. The strategy (I think) is to leave space between the objects, so that nothing is cluttered or looks shabby, and the image looks well thought of and spacious. You can place your objects differently and see how it does the trick.

Themed Flatlay

beauty flatlay

Flatlay is generally done keeping a theme in mind. For example, I want to show my new dress so I keep that in center and then surround it with other co-ords that I feel will make sense. If you wish to take picture of your coffee, you can surround it with reading glasses, a nice book/newspaper and your wrist watch. If you wish to take a travel-themed photo, you can mix it with your shirt, camera, passport and map. There are endless things that can go in a flatlay; it can be quirky or sophisticated, that all depends how you wish it to be.

…and now all you have to do is take a picture!

I hope this was a good weekend read and was of help for any of you. If there is any tip or suggestion that you have in mind then please feel free to type it in the comment section below. It might not just be useful for be but anyone that might breeze past. Also, if you wish to have a peek at my Instagram, click here. You can tag me in your flatlay pictures if you wish because I’d love to see.

Be back soon!




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