New In│MUA Lip Liners

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MUA lip liners review

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Softly Lined

(Currently out of stock) Pink Me Up

(Currently out of stock) Red Drama

Half of February is already gone, can you believe it? What’s it with time flying so fast! I need to be more in the moment. In other news because I undergo mini urges to buy something now and then, I indulged in the MUA (Makeup Academy) lip liners. I’ve been hooked on liners for quite a while now and I thought I’d give these a try which I’m glad I did. Lip liners, I feel, are a better choice compared to lipsticks.

colourful lip liner swatches

These are really matte and I love how pigmented they are. My favourite is the Red Drama that is a classic red. The other two are lovely pinks but I definitely love red more. These are also very long lasting, by which I mean five hour straight work with chewing lips and eating food. Yea, these are good like that. I really hate lipsticks when they fade so I line my lips with these liners and then fill them up, and I’m ready to go.

Also, these are good value for money. For the price they come in, I think they do the job reaalllllyyyyyy well. And because they are liners that don’t have loose caps, they are travel friendly. In my case, go well in my pen pouch because sometimes my makeup needs to be hidden from a younger brother who can use this against me. No questions.

lip liner swatches

Price: 199 INR



Long Lasting




Limited colour choice



Beautiful as they are, I would definitely be buying Red Drama again. It’s just that good. Has any of these piqued your fancy?

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19 thoughts on “New In│MUA Lip Liners

  1. Hi there. Just discovered your blog. Really liking your product photography and style of writing. I personally like the MUA lip liners alot. Also check out their eye pencils. They are very creamy and smooth 🙂


  2. I ordered these yesterday, and I’m waiting for the package to arrive at my house. Hopefully they’re as good as you make them sound 😁
    Side note, does the tip feel sharp and pointy on your lips?


  3. Afternoon Apoorva!

    Such a beautiful post, in photos and words! Yes, I’ve come to enjoy lip liners and the easy way they do what they do, but I’m a liner and lipstick girl! I even prance for lip gloss! Even still, my interest has definitely been whet! Muchas gracias, Querida!

    And I so appreciate you for always visiting my blog!!1 You’re the BEST!



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