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Hello my lovelies!

I had been on a hunt for a good illuminator (also called highlighter) since strobing raged and virtually landed on this Lord and Berry luminizer. It is a lovely little thing that can be used to highlight cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow, your soul…or whatever it is that You want to highlight. The packaging won me over because it is more of a on-the-run kinda thing. This luminizer that twists out of the bullet has made my life a little more stress-free with its hassle free and hygienic to use body. Also, a little goes a long way so this stick is definitely a keeper.

Lord and berry luminizer in moon Lord and berry

I have it in the shade Moon (which I feel is the only shade available, not that I’m complaining. I prefer this over pink tone based highlighters). I feel it suits me really well and harmoniously creates a lovely glow on my yellow undertoned skin. I have only ever used powder highlights up until this but this has me hung over for a good reason: it’s creamy silvery consistency is easy to blend over the foundation and gives a gorgeous dewy look. It conceals minor pimples on the face while giving a luminous, natural look. It brightens the complexion instantly and I have been sporting it at work so it is as much of a day wear as it is a night one. Besides, I just can’t wait till summers are here cause I think it would look magic on tanned skin.

The only downfall I feel is that it doesn’t last all day, but it really depends on where you’re wearing this to. Since I am frolicking under the sun with preschoolers, this lasts a good two to three hours on my cheeks (rest is the sweat glistening). But I don’t really mind that because it is easy to touch up and doesn’t look too bad without it anyway. More like it subtly evaporates. Am I explaining myself well?

p.s I have also read that this is a good dupe for Nars’ Albatross highlighter so it saves money. Whoop-de-frickin-hoo!
Highlighter swatches

Price: 1080 INR for 3.5gm


Creamy consistency- easy to blend in foundation

Brightens skins

Conceals minor spots

Great for yellow undertone skin

Gives a dewy look



Doesn’t last long



All in all, I love this and I’m wearing it almost every day. I might be borderline obsessed with it as well. Go try it!

Have you been trying any highlighter that’s worth a recommendation? Add fire to my I-want-everything-frenzy (…while my paycheck lasts) by commenting your favorites below.

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