Things I’m loving│Vol. 12

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Hello my lovelies! Hello my lovelies?

Erm…hi? Anyone around? Someone who remembers me? Eh? Yeh, it’s me! I had been missing so much from this place, I wouldn’t be surprise if anyone thought I was shoved six feet under the ground…or had a shitte internet connection. I wasn’t even around to wish you a lovely new year or to post how boring mine was watching crappy shows on telly because I was down with a horrible allergic reaction. It’s not my fault I didn’t know the beaches in Daman and Diu were not my-skin-friendly…or maybe it was me trying the fish for the first time. Bah! (Quick pointer: Daman and Diu is one of the seven Union territiories of India. I lived for its beaches, quiet life and cheap transport. Good fun!) But January is over (already?) and what a bloody quick month! I have a feeling this month’s gonna sprint even faster. But that is that! Rant aside, here’s what I have loved;


I had been reading chunk of e-books lately (because I’ve gotten poor spending money on them clothes) but I didn’t love anyone enough to go through twice, so instead I’m going to talk about this sweet app. I discovered Spoyl on Instagram when I saw one of the blogger’s selling her clothes on it and I knew I had to try it. It is more of a fashion version of Quikr/OLX where you can buy and sell clothes instead. What’s cool is that you find brands like Zara, Forever 21, Vero Moda, etc. at throw-away prices. The app is easy to navigate, easy on the mbs (te-he!) so wouldn’t take much of your phone’s space, and user friendly. I see no reason not to try.

 Lakme CC Cream


In December, we were in Daman and Diu for nearly two weeks and let me tell you why foundation is not a good idea but this is;

Reason one-a: it’s hot! You’re going to get in the water than hanging by the shacks. That thing is going to bleed. Even if it doesn’t, beach water is salt water and not Fiji water…don’t even. This CC cream is a fighter. Okay, okay I didn’t fall face first in the water but I did get myself a little less than dousing.

Reasond two: it’s hot! You’re pores are going to feel clogged and you won’t feel fresh, give it an hour. This one, however, doesn’t need a dab after every five minutes. It lasts you good five hours with a medium coverage. For travelling, you’re pretty sorted.

Besides, it’s really HOT. What part of it makes you want to even pick a foundation?

Organic Harvest Lip Balm in Apple


Oh me oh my! It’s so cute, I swear my favorite colour is apple green…for now. It’s very much similar to eos’ lipbalms. It tastes a little bitter but makes my lips buttery smooth. It comes at half the price the eos one comes and it’s Organic Harvest! I love the brand and it’s new in series. Buy it.

p.s I should never even think of being a sales girl, I’ll drown the business with my horrible convincing tactics.

Vichy Thermale Spa Water


This! Ooh! It’s good stuff there, considering its water…and more. This is the travel size I took with myself but just kept for the photo.  I’ve used La Roche-Posay’s Thermal Spring Water and then this; frankly there’s not much difference, considering the price as well, it makes your make-up glide off well and soothes the irritated sun-burnt skin. I’m re-purchasing it.

Youth by Troye Sivan

The amount of times I have heard this song and sang along is unfathomable. Between Adele’s 25 and Troye’s Blue Neighbourhood, I guess I loved this song the most. My favorite lines are:

My Youth, my Youth is yours

trippin’ on skies, sipping water falls;

my Youth, my Youth is yours

runaway now and forever more;

my Youth, my Youth is yours

a truth so loud you can’t ignore my Youth


Ah! I’ve written this post in a breath; I missed writing! What is it that you all have been loving this month?

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