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IMG_3264Magnetic Snap Closure Handbag│Lino Perros

Hello my lovelies!

How are you enjoying December? So far I have a blocked nose, a hangover of chocolate treats and an urge to not bathe. My December is going pretty much how it always goes; I’m disappointed in myself. Moving on, I have been online shopping again. Please fake surprise for this posts’ sake? And whilst getting a lot of stuff that I am having a major love-hate relationship with (why do clothes always look good only on models!), I have found something to love anyway.


I go cray over handbags and when I saw this gorgeous by Lino Perros being sold for less, the little love hearts started floating above my head. It is an assortment of a mini bag and a tote, and oh what a lovely Christmas gift it would have made if only I were Christan…or had a friend who celebrated Christmas…or had courage to pass this on. I think I have got my point across, lovely Xmas gift that it is. I love, love, love the feel of it; it is made of leatherette and has the softest touch. The colour is a pretty unique one to my wardrobe considering the fact that most of the bags that I own are more or less, brown.


The mini bag is not too mini but a prefect sling size that fits my makeup bag, tablet and hefty camera as well; lets just say it has a lot of space, plus an inside pocket to tuck in cash. The tote has a magnetic clasp and is enormous! I am not even kidding. I am finding ways to take this somewhere but so far I realized I don’t carry enough stuff to fill this in. What a shame! Maybe grocery shopping? No! I’m traveling around the time of Christmas to Gujrat, maybe then. Perfect!

Tell me something exciting that you’re doing on the weekend? I’m just gonna eat, sleep and watch re-runs of Fairy Tail.

Be back soon!that weird girl official



8 thoughts on “New In│Lino Perros

  1. Top of the morning to you, Apoorva!

    I love this bag! “It’s a stone winner,” as Mariah Carey says in one of her recorded shows! I love the color and could almost feel the luxury of its material. Great picture in your About Me section.

    Have a lovely Sunday,


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