Product Review│Nykaa Nail Paints + Swatches

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Nykaa Pop Nail Polish Collection


Hello my lovelies!

I would’ve had this review up early but the delivery guy acted all mysterious and my order wasn’t delivered until today itself…grrrrr!I had been on a hunt for good nail paints and I crossed path with these beauts rather recently. Nykaa launched its own nail paints and them pots are very, very irresistible. When I was queuing through the site my initial plan was to buy just one polish and I…well, I ended buying more than I intended. Guilty but not sorry. I cruised through their pastel shade collection which had me undone in a minute; I know pastel is a very ‘spring season’ label but they’re pretty, so yes. Plus, I feel the colours are just so perfect and shiny, you cannot go wrong.Nykaa Pastel Nail Polish Collection

Next, I went onto their Pop collection just to have a nosy but I ended up putting two more to the cart. Oopsie Daisies! Again, both Red Velvet and Black Licorice are just so snazzy I love having them.

I swatched all the shades for you guys and, oh my oreo, it took me a looonnnnnnggggggg time. Believe me the pain to get off each polishes’ swatch from the cuticles was a torture, so if nothing, appreciate this post for my efforts aha!

Nykaa Nail Polish- 3 Red VelvetNykaa Nail Polish- 83 Marshmellow DreamNykaa Nail Polish- 64 Hasta La PistaNykaa Nail Polish- 84 Black LicoriceNykaa Nail Polish- 44 Creame BruleeNykaa Nail Polish- 82 Lychee Delight

Red Velvet

Marshmellow Dream

Hasta La Pista

Black Licorice

Cream Burlee

Lychee Delight

The major reason I’m crushing on these nail paints is because of its formulation, the wonderful shine and because they are gentle on the nose with less fumes. To add on, the pots are 10gms, if nothing it will last me a lifetime. What else can you ask for in a nail paint?


Price: 149INR for 10gms




Easy application

Less fumes


Value for money


Only available on Nykaa, so if they sell out you can do nothing but wait

All and all, I cannot wait to try more shades of these fab polishes and I’ll keep you posted as I do. Did any of these shades catch your fancy? Let me know your choice while I tend to my cuticles.

Be back soon!

that weird girl official



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