Motivational Monday│Be Happy!

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so many things to be happy for


Hello my lovelies!

Another Monday and how tiringly beautiful it was! This past week was so lovely as well and good mood always calls for a blog post. Some one please pat my back!

I always feel that it is so easy to sulk about things that we put down the idea of simple things and the simple happiness they bring. Someone once told me that I don’t have to be great and accept everything, I need to love in my own simple ways and be happy in my own simple ways too; what’s important to me maybe pointless to someone else. Every time I feel down, I remember this and try to push myself up.

This Monday I am happy for;

Waking up with a clear mind and okay hair

Being motivated enough to write; I don’t understand why I stop when I enjoy it so much

The sunny day it was today and the sun warming me just right; I had a feeling last evening that it might be cloudy but thank the stars for not going with my feeling (just this time)

Having hearty laughs with people I love so much and today being so grand

Autumn being autumn and that  I can still parade around without being layered in all the warmers

Spending quality time with myself (as usual), and mixing new flavors and inventing drinks (not usual)

Online sales (yes, I am obsessed, don’t even ask)

My order being delivered and already trying and loving it (re-read last point)

 Chatting with girlfriends and being so daft, I love it!

Got a new Manga app and I can’t get over all the comics that there are (currently reading: Maid Sama)

Catching up with loads of new blogs lately, my eyes hurt but my heart is a fluff I swear

Getting addicted to Wasted by MKTO

Finally back and taking photos like the crazed weird one I am

Re-reading this and smiling, thinking wow, I survived it better than I planned

If you are having the typical Monday Blues, try writing down all the simple things that you are happy for and I bet it’ll help you clear out your mind and make you feel better. Tell me at least one thing that made you smile today.

Cheerio, have a fabulous Monday!

that weird girl official



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