Shopaholics’ Guide to Smart Shopping

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We all have been through serious shopping splurges where we would walk into a store saying, ‘Oh, I’ll just browse and come back later’ yet come out with shopping bags, satiated (for a while) and penniless; trust me you’re not alone in this. I get an adrenaline kick myself when I read words like sale or discount and my mind says this is where I have to be a the moment. I have been a total wild shopper picking up anything and everything that would be in a close perimeter, and then come home and regret it. But this is not how it should be or has to be, after all the therapy that shopping is should be done more wisely, because you know what? There will always be that one thing in the store that you don’t have and might look great on you.

Here is a mini guide to help you, because it has surely helped me and cut down my expenses (a bit). Enjoy!

Take Your Time And Don’t Enter The Shop If You Only Have Five Spare Minutes

I have a tendency of going into my favorite store if I am meeting someone and they are just few minutes late. As a result of this, I always end up buying something or the other. Reason? How could I miss that or The shopkeeper was really sweet to me or I was given a special 10% discount… and the list is huge. Don’t. Don’t do that. Don’t enter the store if you are waiting for someone and don’t have time to properly browse. Read a magazine instead, or your favorite blog on your phone or wait there because the person is eventually going to come. Because these 5 minutes are often the reason you buy something in haste and regret the thing when you come how. I have a list of at least 10 things right now that I bought just like this.

Also, shopping is something you should enjoy. So stroll slowly and check every aisle or department before quickly buying whatever you lay hand on. Observe carefully and even before the checkout, analyze what you need and what you don’t.


If you enter a shop that is not fixed priced, then bargain! Sure it might not come out that easy or whatever but you might get that thing a lot cheaper if you speak out. I am really pathetic when it comes to bargaining, and I know people who bring home the stuff in just half the price which amazes me as much as people balancing huge snakes on their shoulder or petting a crocodile. They won’t budge their quote and even stomp out when the shopkeeper would call them back to give the product on their price. Bargaining is a really great trick of getting something for a lesser price.

The thing I do is quote half the price at first but if that doesn’t work (which it does not most of the time), I raise a few bucks just so we meet in the middle. I’m probably not the best person to teach you about bargaining but you should perfect this art if you are a shopaholic.

Don’t Let The Word Sale Get Under Your Skin

Sale or discount is probably one of my most adored words of all times. But just because there is one on your favorite store, doesn’t mean that you have to mindlessly spend out. This is a new thing that I read in a Fashion magazine recently and think it’s a great advice: Write down what you need. If there is something particular that you are crushing on or a specific color that you haven’t had in ages, then note it down and stick to it. We all have a tendency of buying what comes to sight the cheapest but we might not even require it. Instead make a list of the things you actually require and buy only that. This way you will save yourself from the guilt feeling and the spending uselessly.

Borrow than buying

If there is a occasion and you have already displayed all your clothes once (trust me this is the major reason why I buy new things), then borrow from a relative or a friend. There are somethings that you will only wear once among a particular lot of people and it is always wise to buy things from your friends rather than buying the thing that you might not even get a chance to wear again.

Always Take A Friend, Especially The ‘Brutally Honest’ One

It’s always advisable to take that one friend who will remind what you need or what you don’t need. I always take someone with me, sometimes even my mother, because they help me pick out the right thing that would suit me and save me from a lot of ‘miscellaneous’ expenditure. It’s bugging, yes, but they keep you in check and you’ll hear a lot of ‘You don’t need that, you have the same in that brand’. Ah, theses people are life savers!

I hope these tips were a tad bit useful. What is your tip of saving when out on a shopping spree?




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