What I wore│Knitwear x Skinny Jeans

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Hood Knit Cardigan│CelebLook
Super Soft Skinny Pants│CelebLook

Hello my lovelies!

It feels so fresh having strolled down now; I feel my week-long tiredness just dissipated. I had been sulking about the weather since days and it finally cleared up, I had to make the most of it! I put up this simple look with just as simple makeup, and therefore, this post that has my favourites all squeezed in one *insert Cheshire cat smile*

The guys from CelebLook sent me this cozy hooded cardigan that is oh so warm and beautiful, I might just marry it. It’s perfect for the weather and because of its lovely off-white colour, it can be teamed up with almost ANYTHING. I really like the comfy design and the easy button style. You will not find me in anything but this. What I love furthermore is this snug black skinny trousers, they’re everything and more. I did accidentally gave a size larger but now I just roll with it. These trousers have the softest fabric ever and let my legs actually breathe, aha! I paired these two good looking with my boots and handbag, and I feel everything complements each other well. How do you feel?

Don’t forget to check out CelebLook and their wonderful winter collection. It’s something that I can’t seem to get enough of. What is your take on winter wears?

Be back soon!

that weird girl official



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