Product Review│Maybelline White Superfresh Compact

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Maybelline New York white fresh review +swatch

Howdy my lovelies!

I was on a lookout for a new compact when Maybelline sent me their brand new White Superfresh compact with pure perute to try. So when I was not blogging not being lazy, I was trying this rascal. The product claims to stay 12 hours without needing touch-ups and absorbs sweats to give a fresh and clean face. So to start with, I am really enjoying using this.  It comes in three shades: Pearl, the shade that I have, which is the for light to medium skin; Shell for medium skin tone; Coral for medium to dark complexion. It is also dermatological tested for everyday which I feel is a big plus. The packaging is really sturdy and clean as well. It comes with a good-sized mirror and a sponge applicator, however I prefer putting it on with the powder brush.

Maybelline white super review

The other day I wasn’t in a mood for a foundation to work, so I just popped this over my regular moisturizer and it still did the trick. My face felt oil-free and fresh throughout the working hours. Unlike the big ‘white’ printed on the cover, I didn’t feel it whitening my skin; THANK GOD for that because I dislike products with whitening formulas as I feel they really make me feel pale and made up.  It has yellow undertone, so yes that helps in blending so well with the skin. It also has a mild scent that I really like, it’s nothing too overwhelming for the sensitive noses. Nonetheless, the major reason that I enjoy this is because it blends so well that I don’t even feel it.

Maybelline white super swatchmaybelline white fresh swatch

I don’t think the swatches came off really telling anything (oops!) but…okay, I’ll do better next time. It keeps oil in check and doesn’t flake or look cakey at all, neither does it dim the complexion. I lightly dab it on with the brush; it’s not for covering scars or spots, I tell you, but it’s a great for a foundation fix up or a natural oil-free yet not dead-like-matt look. All in all, I like it.

Price: 150INR for 8g


Blends like a dream

Makes the face look oil free

 Doesn’t settle in dry flakes

Does not mattify

Has mild scent

Doesn’t whiten

Has UV filters to protect skin from sun darkening and damage




Needs touch-up after 6 hours

Needs to have more shades

I really liked this compact and I would definitely recommend it. The girls with oily-combination skin would be swooning, dry skin ones might need a thick moisturizer underneath. It does quite a lot, all in budget. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you!

Did you get a chance to try it?

Be back soon!

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