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Picture Story in 5 photos

Hello my lovelies!

I am thinking of putting up short picture story posts where there would be a theme having pictures to go with once or maybe twice a month. Are you up to reading it? So as of today, here’s me creatively (or so I pose) putting up monochrome photographs (because I’m obsessed) in today’s theme. I personally feel that applying makeup gets to a certain addiction that it feels that your face is better made up than what it naturally is. Makeup has a different worth for everyone who uses it, from concealing to contouring, and for whatever reason we are dolling ourselves, I feel that we shouldn’t forget that it’s just a part of how we want to look and not how we actually look. I think this is what makes us more vulnerable, more insecure of how we are. I am not criticizing people who use makeup, mind you, because I’m quite a fanatic myself but I feel that sometimes standing an hour in front of the mirror to finish your masterpiece (and that winged liner), we actually forget to appreciate how we really are. Most of the time when I’m enving the picture-perfect Victoria Secret models, I have to remind myself that it’s not a COMPETITION. How I look has nothing to do with how someone else does.

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I guess the actual confidence is in embracing yourself, not your foundation. Your perfection is different from someone else’s.

Shapes and Sizes

So here’s a piece of my bare face! Do they even make sense? No, I’m not brave and I pretty much feel that someone might point out the tiny blackheads on my nose or unkempt brows and whiskers (so I’m going casually mention them myself). But maybe if we adjust with what we have, it’s not a bad view at all.

What do you feel? Have you dared to go bare-faced?

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12 thoughts on “Picture Story│#BareFacedDontCare

  1. Im currently on the metro, on my way to university, bare-faced. I try my hardest not to wear makeup everyday, because I like to keep my face fresh and makeup free. Ive noticed that when i break out & cover it up with makeup, it makes me break out more. I’m not huge into foundations, concealers, bronzers or any face make up really, because I’ve seen how it becomes ritual to cover and conceal. I would love to see more story-photo posts. 🌹

    Happy Wednesday!

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  2. Great photos.
    I mean you’re beautiful.
    I guess more people should dare the bare look. But then again, most people don’t feel so confident in their looks. *now apply make up* they are confident, they feel confident. Sometimes, I don’t understand the logic. But correct me if I am wrong?

    For a guy, I guess we don’t much choice. But yeah, totally baring it.
    (Wait, this challenge wasn’t for guys? Dammit! ) #okBye


  3. Really, really like this post. I only ever wear lipstick, myself. But even so, I sometimes feel so strange if I don’t put it o . I’m going to try and not wear it for (at least) the rest of week. Thanks!



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