Motivational Monday│It’s Not about Them

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Monday Motivation- it's not about them

Hello my lovelies!

Something about this month was upsetting me even though I have always been cheery about October, being it my birthday month and autumn season. Nonetheless, the more I tried to calm myself the more I felt flustered. I couldn’t have even thought of writing a motivational post because I didn’t even feel an ounce of it in me. Until recently when I was talking to my brother Ayush and he tried to tell me how amazing I was and that I had no right of being harsh on myself and should feel proud of how far I’ve come, that it shouldn’t really bother what someone else thought if I knew what I was doing was right in my head. Frankly, I was moved.

For a long time, I have hated the way I looked because I couldn’t really imagine myself looking beautiful with a face like this and people continuously pointing how skinny I am didn’t help my case a bit. I don’t really know if I have completely moved on and accepted myself wholly and truly but I do know that their opinion about me shouldn’t be getting under my skin. It’s just not about them. It’s not about what they feel about me, what they think I look like, more or less because it is not in my hand to change what someone else thinks and it wouldn’t do me any good to cry myself a pool if they didn’t find me good enough. It’s about me. It’s about what I feel about myself, what I believe in and what I want to do.


There have been different meanings of confidence and different people have different ways of showing it. Ayush wanted me to feel great about myself and so he took monochrome photos that he felt came out more naturally than any other. He said the point of it was that I felt poised having my face shot up close and not shy away from it, because I’m not comfortable too close to the camera. I did feel shite when he started clicking but he eased me with silly faces, horrible jokes and mocking my poses. When I looked at the photos, I actually liked how I looked directly in the lens. I liked my eyes and I liked how confident I looked.

I guess what I wanted to say with this post was that somebody else’s opinion shouldn’t affect you in a way that you grow away from yourself and wish you were different. What they say shouldn’t make you feel shite about yourself and about your body. Their thoughts shouldn’t impinge on you in a way that you choose something against your wish or hurt yourself in any way at all. You are special. You are more than what they think. You are a universe in your own. Don’t let their thought change yours.

Tell me something nice that happened with you or something that makes you feel good in the comment below because I’d love to read!

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11 thoughts on “Motivational Monday│It’s Not about Them

  1. I love making YouTube videos for exactly the same reason!!! I make them for ME and I realize not everyone will like them. And I’m okay if they dont! The fact is, they make me happy. And thats good enough for me! Lovely post. I very much enjoyed reading it this Monday morning 🙂 x


  2. ‘True True’ is what I told myself when I started reading your post. Yes, I am incredibly camera-shy too, but I have a photographer friend who always managed to get the best shots out of me. Like the one in my dp.
    Nicely written, but I just wanted to know if you intended on keeping the indentation as Center or if it was in error.


  3. Just today a girl commented on my YT video saying that she loves how well I do my eyeliner and TBH I wasn’t having the best day this morning. It’s simply amazing how a stranger can come along and give you confidence to believe in yourself (more than you believed in your own self) when you sometimes feel like sh**.
    God works in mysterious ways…


  4. I really loved this post. I’m going through something similar, so this post was exactly what I needed. Most days, i love who i am and how much ive grown, but its hard sometimes when people point out your flaws, or dont fully understand why you dress or look a certain way. Not sure if that made any sense.

    But nonetheless, you are blessed with an amazing brother who sees your full potential. Dont ever let anyone effect your light – you are absolutely stunning in my eyes. I hope youre doing well! 🌻


  5. You are, objectively, a beautiful woman, and the fact that you sometimes don’t think so is a testament to how skewed our own perspectives can be. But your point is well made, whether we are beautiful by conventional standards or not, and your brother is also a wonderful and wise friend. Nice post!


  6. I felt compelled to let you know that you’re my favourite blogger I’ve discovered here on WordPress in more than 2 years being on here. I wish you continue success and about the YouTube thing did you get started on your channel? I’d love to watch like comment subscribe etc and would be grateful if you return the favour on my YouTube channel called GeneralGrace it’s not necessarily beauty/fashion/typical topic related but I talk very rawly no fancy set up no edit I wear comfy clothes In fact even worn my pyjamas and dressing gown to get the point across of how I’m not trying to be a beauty or fashion or popular Youtuber but just reall want to make friends. I am very isolated at the moment and have been for a long time and struggling I many ways not going into detail but on daily basis contacts literally more than million of people altogether in last 3 years alone trying to get help but look I’m still here sat in house typing away on blog wishing praying hoping for peace in conjunction with practical efforts. I’m nearly 21 yet still living with parents don’t have a job not in education don’t have many friends a major over thinker who feels like she is wasting away I don’t even know my purpose but despite all this negative and confusing reality in spite of my efforts I am not giving up and trying best to focus on blessings. I hope people like you will join me as friends on my journey and that very soon I will be able to share the joys of being much healed and experiencing true clarity freedom justice healing victory etc. Hope all this makes sense. Look forward to possibility of getting new viewers and subscribers on my channel. Lots of love. General Grace.

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