A/W│Clothes x Bags

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autumn winter sweaters

White knitwear│Mum made (yes, it’s a thing…for me)

Grey and Black Jumper│Fig
Red Turtle-Neck│Store
V-Neck sweater│Lee Cooper

It’s my favorite time of the year ‘cause I am sucker for in-between seasons. They’re just the best! The condition in Dehradun is a bit moody: sweater weather in morning and heat strokes by the evening. Not many stores have winter stocks out and so whilst there are still floral dresses around, I dug out my sweaters from the bunkers, keeping only those I still found ‘wearable’ ( I have a tendency of falling out of love with my clothes after just three wears). I love the white knitwear; my mum made it and I just cannot get over how pretty it is. The other boyfriend of mine is the grey and black jumper which is what I did my first OOTD in (ah, how time flies!). I also love the red turtle neck that I got from one of the local stores, it’s the only one that adds a fistful of colour in my boring black and white wardrobe, aha! And then the V-neck…could I say anymore? I love how comfortable, light-weight yet warm it is. I also think I picked it up from the boys section, can’t really tell, but its still great.

autumn winter shirts

Check button-down│UCB
Blue Shirt│Woodland

I love wearing shirts and these two are lovely. The red one is something I’ll wear every second day (trust me), it’s that comfortable. Plus the checkered vibe is so top. The blue one is what papa got so it does have a boyish charm to it, or so I think. Nonetheless, I also feel it’s so damn fine!

autumn winter bags

Tan-brown tote│Liberty store
Patches sling│some Italian one

99% of the bags I own are in brown colour, I am that obsessed. I had however completely forgotten about this tote, I don’t even know how, but now that I have unearthed it I cannot get over it. It’s spacious, it’s pretty and it’s brown. This is enough for me to marry a bag. The sling was a gift from an uncle who lives in Italy. I didn’t quite like it the time I was given and I wasn’t shy in voicing that thought (my mum had to apologize on my behalf). But I saw it now and poof! I like it. How does it even happen? Thank god I didn’t give it away to someone. I really, really like it now.

What does you’re a/w wardrobe consists of?

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