Product Review│Lotus Ecostay™ Nourishing Foundation

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I was sent this in for a site review and I was really excited to try it. Lotus is an herbal beauty brand and I’ve read how the Ecostay™ range was such a hit, it wouldn’t be human if I had not tried. I have this in the colour royal ivory which is perfect for my skin at this time of the year but since the tanning is slowly washing away, I might need a lighter shade than this in winters. I love this for many reason, so let me just share a hefty love letter for it with you.


The main reason to love it is the gorgeous body. And it has a pump! A frigging pump that makes taking out the foundation so much easier and precise. However, it was stuck a bit the first time I tried and I had to pump at least a hundred times (yes, I was counting) to make it gurgle out some. It works fine now and I like how much better it makes foundation application. I really like the transparent glass bottle as well because it lets you know how much product you’ve used. It is also buildable, so depending on how much your skin requires it at the moment, you can expect from a low to medium coverage.


This is really light weight and applying this feels very similar to applying a cream, and it stays the same for 6 hours straight. I have been wearing it to school recently and that’s saying something because we guys were having exhibition and so I was running here and there under the sun but this wouldn’t feel heavy. To be honest, I did expect it to bleed or settle in flakes (as it has a non-oily formula) but it didn’t. Fabulous! For a high street foundation to even do this feels like personally witnessing a miracle, because I did not think much of it the first time I saw it. It also has SPF 20 so that gives it another plus and you needn’t wear sunscreen beneath it, though I would recommend it wearing over a supple moisturized face (add primer to the mix and that makes happy bunny). It does say for all skin types but I feel that gals with too oily skin might not prefer it since it does have that feel to it and need of blotching it comes back in three hours. But of course, if you don’t mind…


Price: 625INR for 30ml


Long Wearing

Non-drying and non-oily

Good for most skin types

Blends well

Hydrating plus has an SPF 20

Spreads really well (tried both with brush and hands)

Low to medium coverage


Not for too oily skin

Would work much better in winters

Not heavy-duty

However, I feel the need of adding is that it is not a heavy-duty foundation, so no you can’t expect it to give a Chanel neat look but it’s better than a CC cream, if the comparison makes sense to you. It covers great for a high street product but I’m sure there are many more out there that might be slightly more better. I’ll just try to let you know when I come across a better one.

Which high street foundation do you like? Let me know so I can have a nosy 😉

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