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Hello my lovelies!

I had been collecting bits and bobs of this and that (ha!) and I had planned to share them sooner but it just so happened and I’m so lazy…I have no excuse actually. So these are what I had been hogging on and let’s just begin with already (you have no idea how long I procrastinated before I finally sat down to write this)!

Street Wear lipsticks and glosses

Streetwear lipsticks and lipglosses

I received them recently by Planet Eves. I loved them all for such great formulation, colour pay off and pigmentation. What’s more is that every single one has a flavour of its own and its so lovely trying them and being left with different tastes.

Streetwear lipsticks

Lipsticks: Puzzle me pink, Runway Russet, Chic cappuccino

Streetwear lipglosses

Lipglosses: Smitten by Pink, Valentine Rose, Party Melon

Also, I am giving three lipsticks and three lipglosses of your choice on my Instagram. If you’d like to win these, now would be a good time.

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

Fullscreen capture 9282015 45203 PM.bmp

I got them somewhere this month and I felt like an idiot trying them out for the first time. I BLEEPIN’ LOVE THEM! I finally get what the hype is all about. They are really soft, really make makeup application a lot easier and are such a steal in the price they come for. I mean, I am a fan. I loved them using so much that I have ordered the Eye Brushes set as well that would come home somewhere next month and let me tell you, it’s killing me to be patient.

Run Boy Run Palette by Makeup Revolution London

Makeup Revolution London Salvation Palette in Run Boy Run

This palette is so top, I swear I hugged it when it came home. It has 12 shimmer and 6 matte, all that are so brilliant and have great pigmentation. I will be doing a more descriptive post on it but if you thinking of buying it, I’ll give you a massive thumbs up and say go ahead. You will not regret.


scented candles

My soul breaks into those cupid-like hymn (am I explaining myself well?) each time I say the world ‘candle’ because I get so excited to pick even a single one. But yesterday I actually picked two. Yay! I am quite a random and over enthusiastic candle picker so if it looks good, I must have it. Simple. These two are both handmade that I picked from a fair and they smell incredible. One is Jasmine scented which is quite a rare for me since I don’t really appreciate the fragrance of Jasmine in products, it’s sort of too overwhelmingly sweet. However, this one is just right and smells so fresh. The other is a small green apple scented bottle which is so dainty and cute. Also, I think its Germany made since it say ‘Apfel’ instead of ‘Apple’ but let’s not make assumptions. Not to forget, it is such an incredible scent on its own. Love!

So these were all I have bought this month. Did anyone caught your fancy enough for wanting a review? Let me know. Also, what new are you trying?

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