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Hello my lovelies!

This month has been a rollercoaster in all true sense and I cannot even explain all the emotions I’m feeling for having worked with some amazing brands this month, getting more compliments from you guys (I’m such an attention-seeker aha!) and scary anticipation for my birthday next month and ah, I’m over the moon! So much for some winter home decor inspiration, you ask? Well, I couldn’t resist mentioning it because I’ve been eating everyone’s ears and you had to have a bit of it as well since you’re all friends too. But coming back, I have a post to share which is in collaboration with Limeroad.

Winter is such a magic season and if I ignore the fact that I’m sniffly from the ice cold nose that I frequently get, I love it for the way it changes everything around for good. From the changes in the hues of leaves, that I absolutely love, to having more reasons to have more tea snuggled in the sheets. It just has such a unique charm of it own. Though most of my life I have done this, but Winter season is not just about feeling drowsy and ‘hibernating’ under the wraps of warm blankets rather the colder months offer perfect opportunity to create cozy, warm and inviting homes using the right home décor accessories. Wait a minute! I’m not talking about expensive interior decoration. Here’s how you can bring the warmth and beauty inside your home coming winter (it was high time I got on with it already);


In winters, the beautiful home starts with the cozy home. You can give a warmer feel to your room simply by rearranging your furniture. If there’s a furnace, you can add style and personality to the room with stylish handmade rugs.


Use layers for added comfort and beauty. Make your rooms more visually appealing and by adding layers of designer curtains. White, pale pink or grey curtains can be added with printed ones to add more drama and personality into living spaces.


Bring in nature; You can also include green plants, wood furniture or small stone sculptures to give a rustic and unique appeal to your home in winters. Use plants that thrive in winters.

table runner

Get creative with table decoration because it just ups the game so much. You can use table runner made-up of jute, wool material or use winter themed table centerpieces to create a unique ambiance in your room.

I have so many ideas bubbling for this that I going to go crazy shopping this month. And now that you know some ideas to accessorize your home this winter, you can get onto it as well. You can buy most of these products from here at best discounts. Your welcome!

What ideas do you have?

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