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And here I am back again with yet another photography tutorial ta-da! I have been so excited to write this that I have been munching on doughnuts like crazy. I remember being asked to do a tutorial with phone a while back and so I thought this was very apt plus a fun concept to show. I got a new phone and being the photo-freak I am, I have been dimming its battery by taking shots every now and then. I am obsessed, ok? That aside, I have a lot to share so let’s get going, shall we?

I recently mentioned on Instagram (surprise surprise!) that I used to take pictures with my Canon (18-55mm) but since I got a new phone a month back (Panasonic Eluga) I have been taking pictures on that. A lot depends on how you take your pictures, what mode you chose, the lights and everything, especially when it comes to taking photos for your blog. My phone lets me adjust the ISO and play with other features such as brightness, saturation, etc. so I am pretty sorted while I am taking the photo but editing adds a bit more drama to it (though I will be honest and tell you that 95% of my blog pictures are taken from camera). For this post, I will talk about Rule of Thirds and the app I use to edit photos for the blog.

Rule of Thirds with Panasonic Eluga

I think I mentioned somewhere that I took photography classes for 6 months in early 2014 and my teacher told us that in photography there isn’t any rule; there are guidelines that you follow to get a good picture. So while this does seem fancy-shamzy, it is actually very easy. Now, you don’t have to necessarily stick to it because like I said, they are only guidelines, this might help you in understanding pictures, why they are taken this way and how you can take them as well.

Note: You are being warned that some of these pictures are taken from my Instagram account, mainly because that is where I take photos with my phone. This is only to give you a rough idea (and also lure you to come visit my account).

When you look at a picture you immediately know what the photographer is trying to get your attention on and they do it using different techniques. In here, you have to adjust your subject as such that it gives more space yet makes it to appear interesting and eye-catching. It is to compose your picture in a fashion that looks pleasing and make sense without having to look twice. Now, most of the phones have a ‘grid’ option that instantly divides your screen in nine squares when you are taking a picture. Rule of Thirds is when you line up the subject with lines and the points where they cross which is known as junction points, placing them above, below or sideways to make it more unique and detectable. In a photo, there are somethings that you notice before everything else (subject). The picture below might help you understand it a tad bit better. Can you tell of the subject?

Rule of Thirds example

The dome of the Gurudwara is the subject. After that, the eyes immediately hover over the moon to the scattered clouds (thanks to over exaggerated editing). Those are secondary objects. The importance of the Rule of Thirds here is that the main subject (the dome) should be put along the grid and at the junction points. Have you understood? Here’s another example.

Rule of Thirds

The objects are placed such that it creates much space and the picture looks neat. When you follow the Rule of Thirds, you are basically de-cluttering the space and creating more leg room for the subject to show its uniqueness. However, this might not happen most of the time, especially at the time of shooting moving objects. That is why we only have guidelines in photography than rules. There are so many ways that you can play with your photos and so much that you can create. Other things that become part of the compositions are angles like High and low angle shot, Dutch angle, Bird’s eye view, worm’s eye view, fish eye, etc. but that’s all for another time if you are interested. I will leave you with this and if you try to take photos using Rule of Thirds then tag me in your photos on Instagram and Twitter because I’d love to see how you do it.

Now I am going to talk about the app that I have used to edit all these photos and what I am currently using.

Rule of Third tutorial with Panasonic

I have used loads and loads of apps and the ones I find most fitting are Afterlight and PicsArt. There have been some problems on my tab with Afterlight and I have moved back to using PicsArt. I have no regrets. Here are some of the screenshots of the same;

Rule of Third Tutorial

Canon Rule of Third

Rule of third techniques

Rule of Third

phone techniques for rule of third photography

PicsArt has a lot of filters to choose from and has such top editing tools with shape masks, free crop and lovely fonts to play around with. You can adjust the intensity of the filters, blur them, brighten them, sharpen them, whatever you wish to do with them- PicsArt gives you the freedom. Moreover, it is a free app unlike Afterlight which is another score!

Are these photo tutorials of any help to you? Would you like me to do any other next?

Be back soon!

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