What I wore│Midi Dress x Satchel Bag

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Dress Kart Midi dress OOTD

Dress Kart Midi dress in apricot colourDress Kart Midi dress with buttons and belt90's themed OOTD on blog

Dress│Dress Kart

Bag│Liberty Store

Lip liner│Lakme 9to5 in Brick Rose

Hello my lovelies!

It’s been a longgg while since I have shown my face! I had to coax my brother into taking these pictures because the struggle to take good photos of myself was real. Every fashion blogger can possibly relate and bribing the person who has a hang of taking nice portraits is the key, aha! For this, my brother had the idea of making the whole thing look a bit 90’s with a Polaroid photo vibe. Now the pictures are not very top but I liked the theme so just stuck around. Do they look well? I played around while editing them because my OOTDs till now were all shot outdoors and this one differs. Hope it looks alright.

The dress came off looking actually very flattering (or so I think) and I cannot help but feel like it looks very Victoria Beckham-ish. What do you think? Maybe it’s just my love for her that makes me feel so, but I do feel that. I love the minimal look, the apricot colour and the button style a lot, that’s what pulled me towards it and the belt made me put this in the cart. I just love it so. I also bought this sleek faux-leather satchel-slash-backpack recently that I feel went really well with it. At first I thought it was a bit mismatched but I like how it came out. What do you feel?

Be back soon!

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8 thoughts on “What I wore│Midi Dress x Satchel Bag

  1. The dress looks amazing on you! I love the begining portion of this post – the struggle is so real! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud; You’re seriously the cutest. The bag looks perfect with the outfit. I personally think it looks better being held as a satchel over a cross body – it’s super ‘high fashion,’ if you get what I mean.

    Perfect post, beautiful! 💕


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