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Hello my lovelies!

Planet Eves and I had been in talk to collaborate this whole summer but it didn’t quite happen until the week previous. When I first browsed through the website I noticed quite a few products that I was immediately hooked on. Planet Eves, nonetheless, is a new venture and something about new startups gets to me easily since I have been a ten months young blogger myself. The thing I love about working with new startups is that no one tries to dominate or pressurize anyone and working together is smooth sails. I know every blogger can relate, yes? Coming back…


Plant Eves is a fashion site though they do stock up on beauty as well, just not so intimately. I love their clothing collection and they have plenty to choose from. The site especially also is great for home decor and I really love their stock. Let’s say I know where to get presents for Diwali, aha! And since it stocks on almost everything, it makes shopping really fun. It is easy to browse through and has discount offers every now and then, so plenty to take advantage of. You also get 100 INR off from your first purchase when you make an account and 300 INR worth shopping credit when you refer a friend. I see no reason to not check it out. It has easy payable options with Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking and COD so you can choose whatever fits you best. I really like their delivery as well. It came in parts and lots of bubble wrap *sly grin*; I was asked to the place order on the 6th and received one parcel on 14th and the second this morning itself. I was given quite some freedom to pick out whatever I wanted, so yes, I was excited to share it here.

Dress Kart Casual Cap Sleeves Button Belt Midi Dress


It is something about this dress that is so chic and elegant I was a fan as soon as I saw and I couldn’t have missed it for the world. I love the apricot colour (though it is available in many other colour variants), the button style and the black belt around the waist. My only gripe is that all the Mediums had gone out of stock so I had to order a Large that needs alteration. Maybe I should film a look-book once it’s done, what do you think? This is on discount so make sure you check out before all the pieces are sold.

Lotus Herbals Ecostay™ Foundation and Blush

Lotus Ecostay Foundation&Blush Lotus Herbals Ecostay™ Foundation and Blush

Oh me oh my, the way I was anticipating these both was UNREAL. For those who don’t know, Lotus is an Indian herbal brand and these products are 100% Vegetarian which means that you cannot eat them but they are organic. I really love the packaging of the products, so sturdy and travel friendly, which makes it so easy to love them, aha! And not to forget that there is such a bargain on these products and they are being sold cheaper than any other beauty website out there. My colour in foundation is royal ivory which is just the right shade and the blush is in dawn glow. I will be reviewing them soon so there will be more on that.

I suggest you to check up on Planet Eves and see for yourself anything that you might find lovely enough to spend on. They have a handful to select from, you will not regret.

 What tops your wish list? Let me know in the comment section below because I am such a nosy soul.

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