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lakme 9to5

Hello my lovelies!

It has been foreverrrr since I last reviewed a lip product. Wow. But that’s alright, I’m doing it now so it makes up for the absence, yes? I have been reading loads of Indian beauty bloggers and YouTubers recommend the Lakme 9to5 lip liner in the color Brick Rose and I had to get it to know what the hype was. Yes, yes, I buy what people recommend; it just makes you feel a bit surer about the product, doesn’t it?

lakme 9to5 lip liner in brick rose

This is supposed to be more of a nude colour for Indian skin tones but since my tone is lighter it comes a little of dark on me. More like rich chocolate color than natural. But my mum is duskier than I am so it looks really very natural and prettier on her. However, this colour makes me feel a bit like Kylie Jenner I don’t know why, aha!

lakme brick rose swatch

It very pigmented and comes out beautifully. I love the neat finish that liners give and this has become my-go to shade that I reach very often these days. I call it my autumn shade. It has a great colour payoff and stays put for 6 hours straight, I’m not joking. I wear it to school and I really love it. I love the formulation, there isn’t any fragrace to it and I’m thankful to that, and it is so very easy to carry (obviously). I recommend it, especially to girls with dusky skin tones, it would really compliment you.

Price: 370INR


Nice Formulation

Great Colour pay off

Long Lasting


Does not fade if you eat in it

No fragrance, no fumes

Easy Availability



You have to be cautious while applying this as you don’t want to give yourself scratch and end up having a busted lip

I really like it and would recommend it. I can’t wait to lay hands on more colours from this range, te he!

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6 thoughts on “Product Review│Lakme 9to5 lip liner

  1. Thank you for the recent “like” on my blog post, Apoorva! I think I may have to try out this lip pencil now! I’m heading to click FOLLOW on your page now! Feel free to share the love ❤

    P.S. Your pictures are divine!

    Jaclyn Ramey_The Beauty Coach


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