Autumn: To-Do List!

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autumn to-do list

Hello my lovelies!

Ah, it’s Sunday and the sun is shining, and there isn’t a better feeling than this. I have been missing loads here and just as sorry I am for it, I have no real excuse than to say a grizzly bear went gangsta on my laptop. Anyhow! I had been reading people’s to-do list (it’s another fetish of mine really) and it has been a looonnnnggggg while since I have written mine, so here’s what all I am going for this autumn:

– Exploring: I am the kind of girl who wants to see the world, and fly on jets and have souvenirs of different places stacked up but I am also the kind of girl who doesn’t want to leave bed to just take shower. I have vowed to go and see different places this time and not just file petitions against those mind numbing Indian daily soaps that wouldn’t shut down for better.

– Clean up my closet: I swear if I start digging I’ll find something that I wore back in 2010 there. I have all sorts of clothes, accessories and bags that I haven’t used and still haven’t got rid of. Am I the only one that keeps on stacking up till there is no breathing space for new ones? I’d like to rub my temples and have grape juice please.

– New Nail Paint Shades: It has been FOREVER since I last bought nail paints. I don’t even feel like looking at the ones I own and would happily give them for charity (if only they accept). I want to get dark berry colors of all sorts this autumn and try different nail art designs that I have been itching to. Which color do you feel looks autumn-ish?

– Get A Polaroid: I really want it and I am hoping to get it just as soon as I find one. I really love instant photos, the ones you can hold in your hand. I am really enjoying photography lately and this is one of those things I need in my collection.

– Go For A Jog: A lot of people think that because I am slim I am healthy. Go fish! I am the most lethargic person you’ll ever meet. I really want to start either morning or evening jogs and get the blood circulating just fine.

– Finish all my beauty/skin care products before splurging on new ones: this one’s a toughie, you’ll know from the sound of it. If it wasn’t clear from the ‘clean my closet’ point, I am a hoarder. I love and love to collect things but I don’t use them as enthusiastically as I buy them. Not after two use anyway. I really want to finish all the items I have before I buy skin care and beauty products for winters. Someone please hold my hand!

And this is what is the most I want to get going for now. What are you fixed on for this autumn? Is there any brand, anything new that you’re wishing to have? Do let me know so I don’t feel alone setting these plans, aha!

Be back soon!

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7 thoughts on “Autumn: To-Do List!

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  2. Having a to do list is pretty good because it keeps you motivated to do stuff. I’m exactly like you. I want to explore places but I’m too lazy to get off te bed lol but I’m motivated to do stuff this fall


  3. I am also striving to make my way through piles of “stuff”–to use up beauty products before buying more, to enjoy what I have and creatively re purpose those things…it is a challenge but a worthy one indeed! Best of all to you as you take on the challenge!


  4. Finishing some skincare products is definitely on my list. It is so hard to do though! I am always tempted to go buy something thinking it will be better than what I am using.


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