Autumn: To-Do List!

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autumn to-do list

Hello my lovelies!

Ah, it’s Sunday and the sun is shining, and there isn’t a better feeling than this. I have been missing loads here and just as sorry I am for it, I have no real excuse than to say a grizzly bear went gangsta on my laptop. Anyhow! I had been reading people’s to-do list (it’s another fetish of mine really) and it has been a looonnnnggggg while since I have written mine, so here’s what all I am going for this autumn:

– Exploring: I am the kind of girl who wants to see the world, and fly on jets and have souvenirs of different places stacked up but I am also the kind of girl who doesn’t want to leave bed to just take shower. I have vowed to go and see different places this time and not just file petitions against those mind numbing Indian daily soaps that wouldn’t shut down for better.

– Clean up my closet: I swear if I start digging I’ll find something that I wore back in 2010 there. I have all sorts of clothes, accessories and bags that I haven’t used and still haven’t got rid of. Am I the only one that keeps on stacking up till there is no breathing space for new ones? I’d like to rub my temples and have grape juice please.

– New Nail Paint Shades: It has been FOREVER since I last bought nail paints. I don’t even feel like looking at the ones I own and would happily give them for charity (if only they accept). I want to get dark berry colors of all sorts this autumn and try different nail art designs that I have been itching to. Which color do you feel looks autumn-ish?

– Get A Polaroid: I really want it and I am hoping to get it just as soon as I find one. I really love instant photos, the ones you can hold in your hand. I am really enjoying photography lately and this is one of those things I need in my collection.

– Go For A Jog: A lot of people think that because I am slim I am healthy. Go fish! I am the most lethargic person you’ll ever meet. I really want to start either morning or evening jogs and get the blood circulating just fine.

– Finish all my beauty/skin care products before splurging on new ones: this one’s a toughie, you’ll know from the sound of it. If it wasn’t clear from the ‘clean my closet’ point, I am a hoarder. I love and love to collect things but I don’t use them as enthusiastically as I buy them. Not after two use anyway. I really want to finish all the items I have before I buy skin care and beauty products for winters. Someone please hold my hand!

And this is what is the most I want to get going for now. What are you fixed on for this autumn? Is there any brand, anything new that you’re wishing to have? Do let me know so I don’t feel alone setting these plans, aha!

Be back soon!

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7 thoughts on “Autumn: To-Do List!

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  2. Having a to do list is pretty good because it keeps you motivated to do stuff. I’m exactly like you. I want to explore places but I’m too lazy to get off te bed lol but I’m motivated to do stuff this fall


  3. I am also striving to make my way through piles of “stuff”–to use up beauty products before buying more, to enjoy what I have and creatively re purpose those things…it is a challenge but a worthy one indeed! Best of all to you as you take on the challenge!


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