Motivational Monday ǁ Just Keep Swimming

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Hello my lovelies!

Happy Monday, ya’ll! Hope you will have a good one. It’s actually dinner time for me but considersing loads of you are scattered in different timezones I feel this is the best time to write up. I mentioned in my previous Motivational post that I feel Mondays are the best days to set up a new goal, to start something fresh just like it’s spring every week.

I have been a very impatient person from the start, the kind of who wants things when she wants and cannot wait for it. At all. Though I’m not very proud but this is how I have always been. But aside from the crazy implusivness and eagerness to have whatever I wish for, I am a docile person (picked up my mum’s trait, yes). I have taken no as an answer for loads of things that I wanted to do and felt held up. I’ve felt so defenseless and feeble in so many situations that I just accepted I couldn’t have things my way. I cannot tell how stupid I have felt for easily giving into people’s words and not even saying something, forget about going against them.

Last year did the magic for me. I got a job even when everyone was against me taking it. That was the first time that I had the courage to speak for myself. That was the time I fought and I know this because people actually complained saying why am I fighting? But I just had to. I’ve met loads of nice people having that job and I feel I have learned a thing and two about life. Then I left that job and started this blog and that had been a journey on it’s own with quite slow cash and more worries. I worried I wouldn’t be able to travel like I want to, have things from my wishlist (which are far too many haha) and meet people who inspire me. I worried that this might all end and I might be left with nothing at all. And that happened as well. I realised that I was trying to stretch out more than I was flexible of, wanting to run when it was hard to walk. I just wanted to have everything and that is why I felt dejected the most. What I am really trying to get on is that anticipation is the killer of the moment, expectation is even worse. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t anticipate or expect at all, just that when it becomes obsessive and our hopes rely on it, it crushes us even more.

The best thing I feel is to go with the flow. Let things happen at their own pace. So many times when I feel like I am getting no where in life, I say to myself what’s meant to happen will come along, whether I whine for it or not. Just do what you have to do and don’t think if it would end like you want it to end because that is not in your hands. And like Dory said When life gets you down do you know what you got to do? Just keep swimming!

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