Nail Art│Girly Glitter Nails

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nail art- girly glitter nails

Hello my lovelies!

I was testing nail paint combinations yesterday and I thought of turning my trial into a post. Because, why not? I have been seeing a lot of glitter posts floating around these days and I wanted to give it a swirl myself. I’ve been inspired by my friend Amy for this post for she is such a pretty glitter girl, or that is what I like to refer her as.

Maybelline Glitter Mania and Sally Hansen Diamond hard nail polish

I am using the Maybelline Glitter Mania in Paparazzi Purple (606) and Sally Hansen in Beige Ballet for this. I feel that if I am going to be using a glitter or a dominat color then it’s only fair to use a light base so the colors can pop out.

simple and easy nail art tutorial

Coat your nails with your choice of base color. Mine happens to be this beautiful beige since I love the feel of it.

glitter nail art tutorial

Paint your ring finger nail with your dominant color a.k.a the glitter nail varnish. You can choose any finger though, I just happen to use my ring finger for whenever I’m doing a full on coat. Also, I feel that the nails look pretty great at this step in itself but since I was in a mood, I went full on ahead.

girly glitter nail art tutorial

Take a toothpick and make small dots in your desired pattern. They can go left to right or other way round, as and how you feel convenient.

Sidenote: NEVER bite your nails no matter how bored you might be. My nails have lost their shape because of this idle habit of mine so I’m warning ya’ll.

easy girly nail art tutorial

Cover all your nails in the same pattern and don’t worry if it’s perfect or not (it’s not even meant to be). Let it dry.

simple girly nail art tutorial

Now, swipe a coat of clear polish and you are good to go. Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m doing a lot of talking with my hand now onwards, aha!

Would you be trying this? If you would, I would love to see. You can tag me on Instagram or Twitter so I can have a peek.

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