Plum Choco-Latte│Review + Easy Manicure

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Plum Choco-latte cleanser and handcream review

Hello my lovelies!

I mentioned in my New in post that Plum sent me this Choco-Latte set to review and I’ll tell you what, I fell in love just as soon as I flipped the lid open and got a whiff. It smells like chocolate (obviously), and fudge, and hot baked muffins, yum! And frankly, you can never go wrong with a scent like that. I should also mention that it’s not overwhelmingly sweet or very strong but it’s lingering and I try to shake hand with strangers when I’ve put this on. I mean no harm in showing off a little, eh? That aside, I love to use both the doubly sinful cleanser and the smudge free hand cream as a manicure combo because it really does the job and really does it well.

plum choco latte handcream and cleanser

Plum Choco-latte combo

I’m going to do a quick review of these both so you have a fair idea of what’s happening here. Plum is a well familiar brand in India with for its whooping great skincare products that are not only affordable but also parabens, SLS, DEA, PABA, phthalates and propylene glycol free, and the brand is against animal testing as well so they’re brilliant like that. You can read more on their website where they have it mentioned much specifically. Both of them come in a plastic tube with tight flip off covers that prevents lekage. Starting off, the doubly sinful cleanser is your regular face cleanser with tiny brown beads that makes the skin feel tidy yet moisturized. I wouldn’t recommend this to the excessively oily skinned people since it might make the face feel grubby after a while. Nonetheless, it is really great and not at all harsh like a scrub. The smudge free hand cream is what I love the most. From the smell, to the formulation to the fact that it does not leave my hands feeling sticky or greasy at all, this cream is hands down one of the best (believe me because I have had my share with hand creams that didn’t work well). My hands dry easily because craft work with kids leaves hand dirty with frequent trips to the washroom and I love doing the dishes (I’m in for any activity with water), and so I really love what this cream is doing for me. It absorbs like a dream!

easy manicure with plum choco latte hand cream

I thought of putting up a little manicure that I enjoy doing as well which does not include anything besides these two rascals. I feel this would be good for the beginners. To start off, take a small amount of doubly sinful cleanser and scrub your hands with it well. Since this cleanser has small beads, it helps softening the cuticles and removing any dirt in there.

simple and easy manicre

Once you’re done, your hand would feel supple and soft already. Wash off your hand with running water. I used the normal tap water but you can use lukewarm water as well. Though, I don’t think there is any need for that since the hands feel pretty great by the time you’re through with the first step anyway.

simple manicure using plum choco latte

The final step is to prep your hand with the smudge free hand cream.

simple manicure with plum

I love this part and my hands are just so soft for the touch. I do this every three days before going to bed and my skin already feels better. I wouldn’t stop using this any time. Plus, this is such a hassle free and time saving way to insure that my hands are healthy. I also swiped a coat of clear polish in the end but of course you can have fun choosing your nail color.

I hope you liked this and that it helped any of you. You should definitely look into this combo; it is such a steal at the price you get this in. You can visit Plum to know more or follow them on Twitter to keep up.

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6 thoughts on “Plum Choco-Latte│Review + Easy Manicure

  1. Anything of chocolate scent would go to the list of my favourites haha. They look like interesting products. Are they sold anywhere in the UK or online only?


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