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hair care and hand care

hair care

Plum Choco-latte hand cream and doubly sinful cleanser on beauty blog

Hello my lovelies!

It’s so pleasant in my town and listening to Marvin Gaye by Chalie Puth is the icing on the cake, aha! I was constantly getting on with a post for the past two days but just as less as a word won’t come out of it. Does anyone has days as such? It’s the worse! I have few things that I so excitedly took pictures of and sat down to write about so finally here is this babe for a quick catch-up.

Hair Care

hair care items

TRESemmè Hair Spa Rejuvenation ShampooBBlunt born again conditioner for stressed hairLivon I love my hair serumSchwarzkopf Spa essence enriching spa masque

My order just came and I swear I hugged each and every product as it rolled out of the box. I got a couple of requests a while ago to do a hair care post but since I am worse at sticking with a routine, I thought it was only fair to lead you onto something if I were doing the same and it was working for me. I have thick and wavy hair and I never had any issues them but I had been putting off their need for such a prolonged period that they have started straying a bit. I will go about my hair care regime just as soon as I am satisfied with it for this month’s pay check went in a hope that I could have my tresses swaying as gorgeously as they used to. I have tried Schwarzkopf and TRESemmè before and really love it but I still have to try them out as a combo and see. Nonetheless I feel that I have got some gems in there that would really work well. #FingersCrossed.

Plum Hand Care Set

Plum Choco-latte hand cream and doubly sinful cleanser

Choco-latte doubly sinful cleanserChoco-latte smudge-free hand cream

I have worked with Plum for a post before and I think it worked well so they sent in new products for me to try and review. How very lovely! I received the hand cream and the cleanser that I cannot wait to review since I’ve got quite a quirky one for it ready (if I may say so myself). Both of them smell wonderful and very much like the muffins you get in my town. Yes, really very delicious.

Have you been trying something new as well?

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