Things I’m loving│Vol. 9

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Things Im loving this month

Hello my lovelies!

Every month I have a tradition of doing the things I’m loving posts and just to carry that on I came to write this because frankly this week left me frustrated with a weird tiredness. I sound so old, aha! But I won’t let you in the story of my misery, don’t worry. Whilst eating some Saudi sweets, I have a fair few bits that I have been loving to the moon and back this month that I want to talk about. To start with,



For some weird reasons I couldn’t finish the books I started reading this month (I started two) so I’d rather recommend something else. In my post, 5 Best Photo Editing App, I mentioned how much I love this bastard. It has been all I have been using for my Instagram photos as it has genius filter with minimalistic look. If you have been wanting to try a new photo app, I’d say go for this. It is availabe for both Andriod and Apple iOS.

Colorbar Eye Brushes

colorbar eye brushes

I talked about these recently and they have become my everyday sidekicks since I love donning a mix of two or three eyeshadows. They are soft and make eyeshadow a dream to apply. I am trying all the shadows I hadn’t touched in the past and they come off really prettily. You can check my post to find the links of where to get these.

Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer

Plum green tea moisturizer

This is a wonderful product with a great organic fragrance which never gets a tiny bit overwhelming. It is applies really well and mattifies on the face within few seconds, great for us oily skinned gals. I did a full review of it here.

Faces Hydro Cleanser

Faces hydro cleanser

One of the best cleansers and really affordable at that! It instanly makes my feel realxed and visibly clean. It is very gentle on the skin, especially on the sensitive ones, and actually feels as though my parched skin drank a gallon of water. You can find the link of the product on my post here.

This Summer’s Gonna Hurt A MotherF*#%$er by Maroon 5

This song has been on repeat for a while, in fact I am listening to it as I type. It’s my summer jam! I find it very groovy and Adam Levine sound ah-mazing anyway.


What have you been loving?that weird girl official



5 thoughts on “Things I’m loving│Vol. 9

    • By the way, your photography is amazing. Which camera you use, if you dont mind sharing it? And I have just started following your awesome blog and hooked on it ever since 🙂 It would be really nice if you can follow me back!


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