Motivational Monday ǁ When Life Throws Lemons

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Hello my lovelies!

It is Monday already and wow, here I am writing another #MondayMotivation post. Love it! This week I wanted to talk about how we fall in trap of the negativity that floats around and how easy it is to catch it. There are so many things that don’t go the way we initially plan, like waking up late even though we had the alarm set, getting stuck in traffic when we had to get to work early, having a slightly challenging day…and the list never ends. I believe, because it keeps me sane this way, that whatever we go through (especially the challenges) is so that we could be a stronger person. That when life is throwing lemons at us, it’s better to make lemonade than wonder why they taste so bitter. There is always something positively tucked underneath every difficulty that we face, and it may not seem like it at the moment (or even a month later) but a healthy approach would always make life a smooth sail.

Today was a great adventure for me. The child in my class (that I refer as my child) kept on crying for her papa and was in my arms the whole while yet I danced in bits with other kids. I enjoyed that and knew I could balance well with children. My body had given up on me by the time I was home and I finally took a much needed nap and I feel much human. It was nice. I received cheering e-mails and it’s so pleasing to know that someone somewhere is enjoying going through my posts. Insures me that I am not just writing this all for myself alone, aha! But I wanted to subtly put this out that we can’t let the situations control us and because we can’t run from everything we don’t enjoy, it’s always better to keep the best foot forward and let things happen. You never know what good might come out through it!

Let this week (and many more that come) be full of smiles and laughter, and positive energy. Nothing cheers the world quite like a happy attitude. I’d love to know all the positive things you do for yourself or others around, or share a good moment from today that got you in high spirits.

Have a lovely Monday, ya’ll!

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