Eye Series│Easy Eye Shadow Tutorial

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Easy Eye Shadow Tutorial

Hello my lovelies!

It’s been a lonnnggggg while since I did an Eye Series post and I missed it. As I was taking pictures for yesterday’s post, I decided to create this look using the Colorbar brushes. I’ve used all three brushes that you can read more about from my previous post.  I used a Drugstore palette (B&R 10 color palette which I don’t believe is available online) here that I really like for all the variety from the nudes to slightly darker shades. This is basically a tutorial to show how well the brushes worked and how I create a blended shadow look, so you can use any color from any palette and go make a rainbow if you may.


I start by using the Colorbar eye shadow brush to use the lightest color in the base. I try to keep my base as light as possible since I feel that the color in the crease and outer corner should have more impact. This is a shimmery yellow tone and I really like it as a base.


I then went on to use a purple-ish hue in my crease blending it with the fabulous Colorbar blending brush. I love, love and love it to the moon and back. It blends very well, is über soft and makes the color come out really very.


I darken the shade adding more purple with the blending brush. I normally do this in a minute (yes, I time) but if you are a beginner, I’d say you’ll have to be very patient because it takes practice to get this right. It took me a long time to have it as l liked and unless you have an inborn makeup flare, it would take you a while to have it your way as well. Don’t worry, have a cookie, you’ll be an ace if you are determined.


Next I take the smudger brush and add grey to the very outer corner of my eyes. Frankly, I liked it just with the purple in the crease itself but I wanted to show off my fab smuder *Cheshire cat smile* This brush has really soft bristles which are densely packed to the right quantity.


 Again, I take the blending brush (because I am obsessed, no other reason) and blend and blend and blend. And here how it came out. How does it look?

If just as much as one of you is going to try it, I would love to see. You can tag me on your picture on either Twitter (@weirdIndiangirl) or Instagram (@thatweirdgirlofficial) because, why not?

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