Product Recommendation│Colorbar Eye Brushes

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Product Recommendation│Colorbar Eye BrushesIMG_9435IMG_9482

Colorbar Smokin` Eyes Smudger Brush
Colorbar Eyelluring Eyeshadow Brush
Colorbar Emphaseyes Eye Blending Brush

Hello my lovelies!

I have been on a hunt for good eye makeup brushes since forever (which counts five months) and I have no idea why the bleeping hell I did not try the Colorbar ones before. I recently bought all of these and I can say my eye-shadow-application-life is a lot easier. I love these for a lot many things really, from the packaging to soft bristles to the right density, but one thing that makes you instantly grab these and run is the price. They’re all for 250INR each. Talk about a good bargain!

I have used the MAC brushes as well and these do the work just as well as they do. They are very soft, so soft you can’t just not touch them again and again every time you hold them, yea they’re real charming. The brushes also has a great body which makes the gripping even more easier. The application is smooth as silk with blending and smudging trouble free and done like in a minute. I really enjoy the blending brush, I am putting up a photo tutorial next for you to see how I actually use it. If you’re a newbie (or not), I’d recommend it.

Which is your favorite eye brush? Let me know and I would for sure check out!

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8 thoughts on “Product Recommendation│Colorbar Eye Brushes

  1. I’ve heard of Colorbar before! They seem to have really good and affordable products! 250 INR is about 15 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) which makes it freaking cheap!!!


  2. I am loving an adorable pink set of brushes, enough to give away if I’d a mind, which I don’t! 🙂 It was really that many in the pink-and-black, snake-skin pouch. I had to Google all the brushes just to know the proper names.

    Anyway, I did a blog post on them before and shared just how usable they were! I’ve a few brushes left over from my Mac-please-get-back days, and as you noted in your post, the Mac brushes, even older than God, are still amazing! I will do a review of them soon. Thought to do one a while back, but when the ideas flow for me, they flow and I’m usually caught under them screaming, “Let me work one before the next comes down the pike, please!” Yet I’m ever and always grateful for the inspiration.

    Now, what I have YET to USE are my gifted, bronzy, brand-new SEPHORA brushes! That’s what I’m itching to use! Will tag you when I eventually fire up the camera!


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