Monday Motivationǁ#GoodVibesOnly!

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Hello my lovelies!

Its Sunday night snuggled with a bowl of soup as I type this post, not a very happening way to spend the weekend I know. But there is so much I want to talk about and write so it could be read, and people to feel a tad bit better and ugh…I’m already getting worked up.

Sobering down, I wanted to spread good vibes around with a bit of cheerful thought tucked in. Wherever you might be, whatever you might be doing or feeling- it is there for a reason. The heart ache you are going through, that call you desperately wait for but doesn’t come, that someone who is just not showing up is there for a reason. I don’t know the actual logic behind it or the setting of the cosmos but I feel that maybe it is so that we learn to be happy with ourselves, so that we are positive about who we are and that we don’t need a thing or a person’s presence to feel content or great about ourselves, that we should be in high spirit in our own company. It is such a gift, we are such a gift, and we shouldn’t spend it to nothing just because someone else cannot see its worth. And I know it is such a difficult thing to adhere because all our lives we were conditioned to do something that would please someone else- get good grades so that your parents are happy about it, get into a great collage so the company that might hire you is impressed by it, get a lovely job so that you get a perfect life partner, be this, be that…it never ends. However I feel that we should feel like ourselves doing whatever we are doing, that we are happy for being in this moment in life, that we are positive and can see the rays piercing through the thick cloud. It is difficult. I know. But it is not impossible. Positive attitude has helped me stay calm when I start to panic and nobody really wins by tormenting themselves. Trust me, I know. Surround yourself with people who see the sun on cloudy days, jot down the quotes that makes you feel great and most importantly- smile and laugh and be happy about something as little as a scented candle that just seems sooooo good. Feel everything around you. Whatever it is, you can do it. I know. Whatever you are going through, you are never alone and don’t forget that. And if no one seems to be standing by the door to hold your hand, I will always be there to support you no matter what you are doing (this does not apply if you are plotting a murder or want help in burying the dead…unless we are best friends).

I’m giving myself a pat on the back for choosing a topic as such this week even when I felt shitte the week previous. Maybe to shake it off I chose to write this so anyone feeling the blues can feel better. The point of these motivation posts is so you, I and everyone who wheezes past can feel uplifted and motivated. Go ahead and do your thang. Just remember, good vibes only love!

Be back soon!

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