What PR companies don’t understand

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Hello my lovelies!

I dived in the blogosphere quite late but you guys have supported me and made me heard. I can never in words describe what a lovely feeling it is! With my blog mainly focused on beauty and fashion (and a bit of this and that), there have been PR companies that have contacted me to review their products as they noticed you all coming in to read whatever I put up. I felt known and appreciated. I felt valued as a blogger and it was a delight knowing that people enjoyed reading what I was putting up.

Blogging is a transformed hobby for me now, from posting whenever I wanted, writing utter nonsense (those posts are all private now) to posting regularly. I am very much particular of how my pictures look, what I write and how I present it. And so in this span of seven months I have felt even more strained by the brands than I have by the readers for providing a top notch write up. The responsibility almost doubles when you are writing a sponsored post but here is what I feel that PR companies don’t understand;

When I got my first ever PR e-mail, it was from Jabong and in there I was given a complete guideline of how the post was expected to be up from my side. The email had meticulous details of which all words were to be affiliated and everything. I think that was the time I felt that my blog wasn’t all mine after all. The e-mails doubled after that and I have been constantly involved with some brand or the other, but that is not the pressurizing part. No. The pressure comes when the product arrives and I am sitting with my laptop, writing and this is what I feel the brand should know- when a person works on a post, they literally dig up every detail about the product that they are writing about. And I can certainly talk about myself as I read reviews that have been previously posted about it, how much it is raved (if it is at all), is it really worth the price and most importantly how it suits the skin. There was an e-mail I got from Bio-Derma last month where they were offering me to try the Sensibio H20 water with a couple of other things but were talking about how expensive their product was, how they feel I should write and all that jazz. Frankly, I was offended. I had always cleared it and I will still say that my opinion would never be biased by the company’s profile or the product rate. I will always take into account the results that the product has shown and how I feel it would react to likewise skin. My job is to not just brag about a product but see how it actually works. Eventually I think the company didn’t quite enjoy my opinionated response and we didn’t work. I regret nothing.

I’ve found companies to be very inconsiderate and they feel that a blogger should write a post about their product dipped in fairy dust handmade by Tinkerbell. Well, not every product you try would suit your skin and if a product hasn’t worked well with me, I chose not to write about it and inform the brand about the same. And this is not the only thing that goes about a post; there are so many other things that a blogger has to be particular about. I don’t know about someone else but it takes me at least a fifty shots of the product from all the angles to settle with just three final pictures that go up. I make sure that the product looks crystal clear and as it is, and I am a hater of stock photos. It takes me another hour to write about it, and then another half sharing it on every social media platform. When I work with a blog post with such heart and I get dictated on what I should write, it feels like an insult. At first, I went along with anything really but now that I know better and how a company can take an advantage of a blogger so I know when to ask, accept or decline.

This is another thing that I would pin out, especially to all the new bloggers- there is no shame in asking for a sample for trial in exchange of your opinions. When I first started, I felt all the bloggers that got products sent to their PO Box were oh-so-great and every company just bowed down to them. It was only after I Googled for some post that an article popped up that said that if you have a review to offer, the company would be happy to send you some products to try. No joke. You have not indebted yourself under something because you are not taking a loan. You will write a review for them and it is just that simple. You can always email the brand you wish to try out and leave them a link to your blog. If they enjoy your blog, they would be happy to send something over to you. If they do not, they will tell you that they don’t have a sampling program or anything of that sort. There is no humiliation whatsoever. I have learned from personal experience that you need a sample for trial just as much a company needs your review. It doesn’t also mean that you go about spamming or being downright demanding (thought I should make that clear). Just be confident, and it is more likely that a brand would reach out to you first if you are as passionate about your blog as they are about their product.

I went a bit off like a little school teacher in this post (even though that’s who I am haha) but I felt the need of it to be out for everyone to read. And if this was of any use to any one of you out there, then mission accomplished.

Be back soon!

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11 thoughts on “What PR companies don’t understand

  1. Hi! you are right.Luckily,in my case,I didn’t have demanding companies contacting me.Infact,it was I who contacted the companies and they were happy to send me samples based on my skintype.Also,they didn’t put any restrictions on me.I feel upcoming companies are more easier to work with rather than the already established brands.They care more about their image. 😐

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  2. Your post was so enlightening!! We definitely need to try the samples first & Should be equally confident about what we do for our blog.
    you sure are an inspiration to me!!!
    hugs!!! 🙂 ❤


  3. Few people realize the work that goes into a beauty and fashion blog. This post gives the reader hard won insight into the sometimes chaotic world of the dedicated and passionate blogger. I am honored that you decided to visit my artist blog and like my latest post. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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